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Toward Local Care (TLC)

TLC Program
The TLC Programs are located in Lee and Kershaw Counties and are designed to provide residential services to a population with serious mental illness that has been determined to do better clinically when treated in the community rather than living in mental hospitals. They get better faster and stay better longer when they receive services in the community, if the programs meet their needs and are well organized and easily available.  The closeness of family, friends, and community support aids in their recovery process. The agency is fulfilling this commitment though a system-wide initiative called Toward Local Care or TLC.
  Goals and Outcomes  
  Assisting clients in transition from inpatient institutions into the community.
Help clients remain in the community and avoid re-hospitalization.
Facilitate downsizing of the agency’s long term psychiatric facilities.
Reduce acute care psychiatric admissions.
Decrease cost of psychiatric care to agency.
To increase level of independence and perceived quality of life.
Decrease reliance of hospital system.
Manage crisis without psychiatric hospitalization.
  TLC Residential Options/Clinical Services  
  Criteria for eligibility for a TLC Long Term program is any individual with a hospital stay of 90 days or longer or a client with three or more psychiatric hospitalizations within the last year.  Long term pro-grams use a case management team comprised of a psychiatrist, masters level case manager, licensed registered nurse, mental health counselors and support staff who have an intensive outreach philosophy.  Treatment consists of individual counseling, group counseling, living skills, leisure skills, recreational activities, educational and vocational pursuits.  Traditional services provided by local mental health centers are available to all clients.  Medical and dental services are arranged based on individual needs.
  Referrals can be made by a professional mental health staff, psychiatric hospitals and hospital liaison on clients that are from the catchment area.  

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