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RPS Services

RPS, located at Carolina Place, provides,promtes,supports and strengthens the lives of individuals living with severe and persistent mental illnesses.
  The RPS Team  
  The RPS team works with the individual to provide opportunities to develop and increase the skills needed for successful relationships, independent living, work and educational endeavors . Through active partnerships , we help individuals improve their social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive practices andreach their goals.  
  About RPS  
  RPS is designed for individuals 18 and over who have severe and persistent mental illnesses. The program is structured for persons who would benefit from individualized and coordinated services that will assist them in promoting optimum community living. It is targeted to individuals who may benefit from intensive rehabilitation services.
  What You Can Expect
  The RPS program provides Skills training—involves systematic skill building through curriculum-based psycho-educational and cognitive-behavioral interventions. Typically, these interventions break down complex objectives for role performance into simpler components, including basic cognitive skills such as attention, to facilitate learning and competency. Our services are oriented toward empowerment, recovery,and competency of the individuals that we serve. RPS will refer to employment program if desired.
Individuals who receive RPS services can also include family members in his/her treatment which can increase comfort level and build stronger working alliances and trust between service providers and service recipients. Services are individualized for each person and their functioning level is accessed to better tailor the services. Our goal is to assist individuals with symptom management and help them to return to living as independently as possible. RPS strives to reintegrate the “whole person” back to his/her community using rehabilitative services.
  We give you the responsibility of who you bring with you. Small children are not to be left unattended in the waiting area.  

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