24 Hour Emergency Contact Number (803) 775-9364
Office Hours M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm

Child, Adolescent & Family Services Center

Due to the recent flooding in Sumter County, our CAF Services have been relocated to the old Carolina Place at 525 N. Lafayette.  The phone number for the new location is the same as the old one, 803-778-7898
1175 N. Guignard Drive  Sumter, SC 29151-1946
Executive Director: Richard B. Guess, M.Ed.
  Medical Director: Dr. Marian D. Dehlinger  
  Clinic Director: Kimberly Gaines, M.R.C.  

CARF Accreditation Contact Us
  Sumter Clinic: (803) 775-9364
Sumter Medical Services Annex: (803) 775-9364
Sumter CAF: (803) 775-7898
Kershaw  Clinic: (803) 432-5323
Clarendon Clinic: (803) 435-2124
Lee Clinic: (803) 484-9414
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