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ACT Services

Lynn Melton, ACT Program Coordinator

    Lynn Melton, the Elder Services Program Coordinator is also the ACT Program Coordinator.  To read more about Lynn click here.

ACT Program
The IPS Program is dedicated to working on the behalf of employers and employees to ensure that diversity is incorporated into the workforce in a way that is beneficial to all parties to ensure a more successful work environment.
  Individualized Treatment  
  Staff and clients in the ACT program work together in identifying goals and strategies to help the consumer. Individualized day-to-day assistance and support in areas of living (such as housing, finance/benefits, employment and accessing community resources) are available.  
  Clinical Services  
  Services provided include: Crisis Intervention, Individual Therapy, Group therapy, Psychiatric medical Assessment, Skills Training and Development, Nursing Services and IPS/Job Support referrals.
  Who is Elidible
  ACT program serves high-risk consumers who may have a history of multiple and long-term psychiatric admissions, frequent Emergency Room visits, high rate of contact with Law Enforcement and a diagnosis of serious and persistent mental illness with or without co-occurring disorder.catchment area.  
  Referrals to the ACT program may be made by professional mental health staff.  

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