Mission Statement


Our Mission

The men and women of Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services, in partnership with consumers, families, and their diverse communities, will assist citizens with mental disorders to improve the quality of their lives.

Our Priorities  

The Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services will give priority to adults and children with serious mental illnesses and serious emotional disturbances, and will fulfill its legislative mandates. We will work cooperatively with other agencies, both public and private, to assure continuity of services based on the needs of the individual.

Our Values

Respect for the Individual

We believe that the people we serve have the right to personal dignity, respect, and the highest possible degree of independence. We are committed to services that promote the individual's quality of life, focus on the individual's strengths, foster independence, and honor the rights, wishes, and needs of the individual.

Support for the Individual

We believe that the people are best served within their home community. We are committed to the availability of a full an flexible range of coordinated services with the community as the primary focus of care, and services that appropriately meet the needs of the individual in the most normal environment possible. We are committed to programs which build upon the local support provided by family, friends, other agencies and the community, and which offer employment, leisure, learning, residential and psychiatric/rehabilitation services within this supportive framework

Professionalism and Commitment to Quality

We believe that we should encourage and reward excellence. We will create a work environment which inspires and promotes innovation and creativity, supports education and research, and continually seeks more efficient and effective ways to provide clinical and administrative services. We are committed to a skilled and ethical work force, culturally competent and dedicated to the highest standards of courtesy, understanding, and respect. We will be an agency worthy of the highest level of public trust.

Adopted by the Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services Board of Directors February 1, 1997