Adult Services


David A. Blondeau, LISW
Program Director

The Adult Services Program of  PCMHS encompasses several center programs available to our adult population.  These services includes a wide variety of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services provided by highly qualified professionals trained in the disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, counseling, medicine, social work, rehabilitation, and psychiatric nursing.  
A brief description of these programs follows.  For a more in depth description, please click on the program name.

Clinical Services

PCMHS's Clinical Services program is designed to provide an array of assessment and psychotherapy services to adults and their families who are experiencing a wide variety of mental health problems on an outpatient basis.  The goals of the program are to resolve the presenting problem, to enhance the individual and family functioning, to improve coping skills of the person served and/or his/her family, and to ensure integration with other services in the community.


Case Management Services

PCMHS's Case Management Services program is designed to ensure that the persons served many needs are understood and met holistically through teamwork, consistency, and a reduction of barriers to services.   The program's goal is to improve the quality of life for people with mental illness by increasing the tenure in the community, and effecting improvements in employment status and living arrangements.   Case Management services are provided in the community, where ever they are needed.


Community-Based  Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

PCMHS's  Community-Based Rehabilitation program is designed to provide a combination of individual and group treatment,  and rehabilitative services rendered in a psycho social type setting.   This service is targeted towards the severely mentally ill, who need a variety of restorative psycho social coping skills to progress towards an independent and self-sustaining life in the natural community.  It includes daily living, interpersonal relationship, and restorative psycho social training skill development.


Residential Programs

Many people affected by severe mental illness are not able to live independently in the community, but do not need to be in a hospital setting.  To meet these needs,  PCMHS  provides structured, residential programs for adults who need this level of care in order to maintain community tenure.  These programs are based on the psycho social rehabilitation approach and stress the persons' served involvement and responsibility in all aspects of the program operation.  It is designed to reduce the level of supervision and guidance needed as the persons served develop independent living skills.