Adult Residential Services


Program Description

The purpose of the of the Residential Treatment Services program is to provide specialized non-hospital-based interdisciplinary services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for persons with behavioral health disabilities or disorders who are not able to live independently in the community, but do not need to be hospitalized.

Philosophy of the Program

The philosophy of the Residential Treatment Program is centered on the notion that persons served need a continuum of housing options and have a right to be in a setting which affords them the maximum level of independence.  The program is focused on recovery.  While some consumers will initially need a high level of staff support and guidance, this is expected to reduce as consumers develop independent living skills and become more integrated into the community.

Goals of the Program

  • To provide an alternative to long-term hospitalization and to enable persons served to maintain community tenure.
  • To develop the person's enhanced capacity for successful community living and thus reduce the degree of impairment, dependency, and/or psychiatric symptomatology.
  • To develop or restore skills necessary for community integration and living.
  • To develop the environmental supports necessary to promote and sustain a healthy age appropriate level of independence.

Available Services

  • Crisis Management
  • Assessment -- Mental Health Professional
  • Treatment Plan Formulation
  • Psychiatric Medical Assessment
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Psychiatric Nursing Assessment
  • Targeted Case Management
  • Mental Illness Management
  • Community Integration Skills Development Service
    • Personal hygiene and grooming
    • Effective management of living space including
      • Housekeeping and meal preparation
      • Retail purchasing (shopping)
      • Laundry skills
    • Money management
    • Using community resources such as
      • transportation
      • social services
      • and medical services
    • Locating financing and maintaining decent, safe and affordable living arrangements and procuring necessities for those arrangements.  
    • Exploring employment opportunities and assisting with the process of obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment.  

Special Populations

Persons with a co-occurring substance abuse disorders may be served in cooperation with the local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission.

All service locations are Handicap Accessible.

Facilities and Resources

Residential Treatment services provides a home-like setting with ample space for privacy, individual treatment and group psychosocial interventions.  Homes are handicap accessible and designed to meet the special needs of persons served.
Homes are staffed with Mental Health Professionals, Clinical Counselors, Therapeutic Assistants, and Mental Health Assistants.  The staff to consumer ration is maintained at 1 to 8 at all times.

PCMHS provides residential services at several community residential homes managed by us, including a program which serves adults who are both deaf and severely mentally ill.  At some of the other residential programs in our catchment area, the center provides case management services to private providers of residential care.

Community Residential Services managed by PCMHS:

McKinney House  (Deaf Services)
Turning Point
Piedmont Pathways
Generations of Monetta

Supported apartments in association with Mental Health Association of Greenville County:

Victor Village
Hillcrest Heights

In collaboration with Community Residential Care Facilities:

Ridgeview Community Care Home