Community-Based Psycho-Social Rehabiliation Services


Program Description

The purpose of the Community-based rehabilitation program is to help persons with psychiatric disabilities or other behavioral health needs to optimize their personal, social, and vocational competency in order to live successfully in the community.   The psychosocial clubhouse model is utilized to achieve our purpose.

Philosophy of the Program 

The philosophy of the CBR program is to provide a nonhierarchical structure in order to reduce barriers between staff members and program participants who are referred to as “members”.   The CBR program is structured to allow members maximum participation in program planning and implementation.  Members are encouraged to develop leadership and other skills that can be transferred to the community at large.  

Goals of the Program   

  • To develop the person’s enhanced capacity for successful community living and thus reduce the degree of impairment, dependency and/or psychiatric symptomatology.  
  • To develop or restore skills necessary for community integration and living.  
  • To develop the environmental supports necessary to promote and sustain a healthy age appropriate level of independence.

Available Services   

  • Crisis Management
  • Assessment -- Mental Health Professional
  • Treatment Plan Formulation
  • Psychiatric Medical Assessment
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Psychiatric Nursing Assessment
  • Targeted Case Management
  • Mental Illness Management
  • Community Integration Skills  Development Services
    •  Personal hygiene and grooming
    • Effective management of living space including
      •  Housekeeping and meal preparation
      •  Retail purchasing (shopping)
      •  Laundry skills
    • Money management
    • Using community resources such as
      • transportation
      • social services
      • and medical services
    • Locating financing and maintaining decent, safe and affordable living arrangements and procuring necessities for those arrangements.  
    • Exploring employment opportunities and assisting with the process of obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment.  

Special Populations

For individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, services may be provided in cooperation with the Division of Services for the Death and Hard of Hearing.
Persons with a co-occurring substance abuse disorders may be served in cooperation with the local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission.

All service locations are Handicap Accessible.

Facilities and Resources

CBR Program services are provided at two, free-standing facilities. Both facilities are located in the heart of their respective communities and can accommodate up to fifty persons per day.

Both locations have a Program Director that is credentialed at the Mental Health Professional level.  Additional staff includes Clinical Counselors and Therapeutic Assistants. The staff to consumer ratio is maintained at one-to-eight.   

Services are Available at:

Rainbow Clubhouse, Greer, SC
Sunshine Clubhouse, Simpsonville, SC