Pee Dee Mental Health Center
Serving: Florence, Darlington, and Marion Counties


*These policies are in the process of being revised.

Category Number Title
  1-01-97 Development, Review, Approval, and Distribution of Policies
1-03-97 Inspections of Pee Dee Mental Health Center Facilities
1-04-97 Rights, Health, and Safety
1-07-97 Involvement
1-10-97 Tobacco Products
1-11-97 Utilization of Pee Dee Mental Health Center Vehicles
1-12-97 Emergency Plans and Procedures
1-13-97 Accessibility Plan
1-14-97 Unlicensed Software
1-15-97 Center wide Meeting Schedule
1-19-97 Use of Recording Devices
1-21-99 Disaster Recovery Plan
1-22-99 Anti-Virus
1-27-00 Consultation, Education, and Preventive Component
1-31-01 Verification of Credentials
1-33-01 Confidentiality of Computer Passwords
1-34-01 Client Advocate Policy and Procedures
1-35-01 Ethical Standards
1-36-01 Computer
1-37-01 Backup of Electronic System Files
1-38-01 Record Retention/Disposition
1-43-07 Policy Review Calendar
1-44-07 Reporting of Abuse and Criminal Sexual Assault
1-45-09 Line of Duty Death
1-46-09 Procedure for Service Continuity when Clinicians are on Leave
1-47-10  PDMHC Internship and Practicum’s
1-48-10 Infectious Waste Management
1-49-10 Key Control
1-50-11 Volunteer Services
1-51-11 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Documentation Requirements
1-52-12 Pee Dee Mental Health Center Technology
  2-01-97 Client Photographs and Videos; Client Artwork
2-02-97 Service Orientation Handbook
2-04-97 External Referral of Clients
2-05-97 Internal Referral of Clients
2-06-97 Medical Records
2-07-97 Follow-up of Missed Client Appointments and Case Closure
2-08-97 Procedure for the Establishment and Operation of Case Review Teams (QCRB)  
2-10-97 Staffing
2-11-97 Intake Procedures
2-14-97 Un-requested Change in Case Manager/Physician
2-16-97 Consumers’ Request of Change in Case Manager or Physician
2-17-97 Request for Information from Pee Dee Mental Health Center Charts
2-18-97 Housing
2-21-99 Safety Precautions to Follow When Performing Outreach Duties
2-22-99 Debriefing Policy
2-23-99 Consumer Field Trips and/or Overnight Outings
2-25-00 Compensation for Disaster Response
2-26-00 Procedure of Audits
2-27-01 Research Involving Consumers and Ethical Practices in Research Activities
2-28-01 Procedures for Assuring a Clean and Safe Environment for Children
2-29-01 Seclusion and Restraint / Management of Aggressive Behavior
2-30-08 Productivity (Supersedes All Previous Productivity Policies)
2-31-06 Procedures and Criteria for Appointment Process of Providing After-Hours Crisis Intervention Coverage
2-32-07 Billing Ticket Management
2-33-09 Inappropriate Touch
2-34-12 Witnessing of Client Documents / Client Boundaries
2-35-12 Crisis and Emergency Services
2-36-15 Peer Support
  3-01-07 Budget  
3-04-97 Insurance
3-07-97 Authorization to release funds out of Composite Account
3-09-97 Purpose Orders
3-10-97 Unclaimed Checks
3-11-97 Petty Cash   
3-12-97 Checks received by mail
3-13-97 Re-Instatement of Previously Written Off Balances
3-16-98 Procurement of Equipment, Supplies and Repairs
3-17-99 Corrective Action Plan for Financial Internal Audits
3-18-02 Self Pay Write Offs
3-19-02 Control of General Receipts
3-20-02 Financial Reviews
3-21-02 Missing and Voided Tickets
Human Resources
  4-01-97 Organizational Chart
4-03-97 Dual Employment
4-04-97 Hiring Process
4-05-97 Private Practice
4-06-97 Reclassification
4-07-97 Standard Work Schedules
4-08-97 Staff Development
4-11-99 Co-Reviewers for Jobs at Different Location than Supervisor
4-12-00 Mandatory Training
4-13-01 Internships Placement for Graduate and Nursing Students
4-14-06 Clinical Supervision
4-15-09 Employee Recognition Committee
4-16-11 Pee Dee Mental Health Center Employee Dress Code
  5-01-97 Adverse Incidents
5-02-97 Infection Control
5-03-97 Mandatory TB Testing 
5-04-97 Exposure Control Plan
5-05-97 Pre-Care
5-06-97 Patient Injury or Acute Medical Condition on Premises
5-07-97 Suicide and Homicide Prevention
5-08-99 Administering Decanoate Injections
5-09-99 Staff Response to Consumer Possession of Contraband (Including Illicit Drugs) on Center Premises
5-10-99 Reactions to Prescribed Medications
5-11-01 Medication Control and Distribution
5-12-04 Peer Review
5-13-04 Hepatitis B Vaccinations
5-14-06 Guidelines/Policy for immediate care and supervision of Adult and C&A (Children & Adolescent) patients on whom Emergency Admission Papers (Application and Certification, a.k.a. “Parts 1 and 2”) have been done
5-15-08 Urine Drug Screening