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SCDMH A-Team Dementia Day Services Center  selected as one of 24 national technical assistance sites

September 25, 2000

For additional information contact:  Carol Ann Beard, 803-898-1486

The A-Team Dementia Day Services Center, S.C. Department of Mental Health, has been selected as one of only 24 adult day centers across the country to be a national technical assistance site by Partners in Caregiving: The Adult Day Services Program, a national program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the largest philanthropy in the United States devoted exclusively to health and health care.

According to Nancy Cox, Deputy Director of Partners in Caregiving, 161 non-profit organizations were invited to apply to be a technical assistance site. After careful consideration, the A-Team Dementia Day Services Center was selected as one of only 24 adult day centers across the country to receive technical assistance as part of this national initiative. Says Cox, "One of the goals of our national program is to test the effectiveness of a technical assistance package we will implement to help continue to move the field of adult day services forward."

Carol Ann Beard, Program Director of the A-Team Dementia Day Services Center, attended three full days of training at one of the Partners in Caregiving Mobile Adult Day Services Colleges, and participated in a one-day Teaching Day Center training. "Now we would like to take our technical assistance a step further by having them participate in this unique pilot project," says Cox. "We selected them for their commitment to adult day services, because they are highly motivated, and because we feel confident they can achieve their goals in relation to programming, marketing, and financial management."

For up to 12 months, the A-Team Dementia Day Services Center will receive one-on-one consultation from national experts and an assigned mentor, the opportunity to attend additional workshops in programming, marketing and financing, and a library of training products specific to adult day services. "Our role in this innovative project," says Ms. Beard, Program Director of the A-Team Dementia Day Services Center, "will allow us to gain national recognition and achieve even greater success in running our adult day center. We are thrilled and honored to have this opportunity."

Partners in Caregiving is under the direction of Burton V. Reifler, MD, MPH, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Since 1987, the Foundation, in partnership with the university, has played an important role in the evolution of adult day services in the United States. Says Reifler, "We are very pleased and excited that the Foundation continues to invest in the growth and development of adult day centers - a practical and appealing part of the solution to long-term care needs."

For further information, contact Nancy Cox, Deputy Director, Partners in Caregiving, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, (336)716-4941.

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