SC Department of Mental Health News Release

June 28, 2002
For Immediate Release
Contact: John Hutto, Director of Communications


Agency Saves Taxpayer Dollars with Computer Assisted Training

Columbia, SC - Today, the South Carolina Department of Mental Health (SCDMH) unveiled its recently developed computer assisted learning program that is designed to save taxpayer dollars while improving employee training. Computerized Learning Modules (CLM) provide a modern approach to training which will enable employees to increase their productivity and enhance their knowledge and skills in a cost effective manner.

Developed by the SCDMH's Division of Education, Training and Research, CLM brings training to the employees' work stations, thus eliminating the need to be away from their desks. It greatly reduces the necessity for traveling to Columbia for training, as was done with a traditional classroom approach.

While some other agencies in South Carolina also use computer assisted training, the SCDMH is the only agency that has developed its own system and not purchased one from a software vendor, according to Jay Scully, M.D., head of the Division of Education, Training and Research. "By developing this technology ourselves, we have saved money and made sure that the learning modules really conform to our business and clinical needs, "said Scully.

From a fiscal standpoint, the SCDMH's Computerized Learning Modules enable the agency to use its scarce resources wisely, reducing man hours in the classroom by 50 percent and saving the agency about $ 319 thousand annually. Since testing and grading are also computer driven, there will be additional savings in administrative time and testing supplies, said Dr. Scully, as well as savings in travel costs.

The training modules currently available cover a variety of topics that are required by SCDMH's accrediting organizations.

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health provides services through a network of 17 community mental health centers, five hospitals, and two nursing care centers.

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