SC Department of Mental Health News Release


DMH Responds to Colorado School Tragedy

The shooting yesterday at Columbine High School in Denver and the reports that we see on television and read in the newspapers are unbelievably tragic.

Children and adults watching and listening are experiencing shock, disbelief, anger or depression.  Most of us will work through these feelings in time, but some children may need adult help in dealing with their reactions to these experiences.

It is perfectly normal to fell anxious and uncomfortable.  For some children, these unpleasant feelings generally go away in time.  Others may need to seek professional advice.  Children need reassurance in words and actions.  It is good to put your feelings into words.

Communication is the key:

  • Talk with parents, school-based counselors, teachers, other trusted adults and friends;
  • Don't be afraid to express your anxiety and fears;
  • Keep a normal routine with school, sports, play and bedtime;
  • If a friend is troubled, listening is one of the greatest way you can help;
  • It is always best to tell your friend that you'll go with them to obtain help.

If you need support or you think a friend may need support, we would like to help.   There is a community mental health center located near you.  Give them a call, or you may call the South Carolina Department of Mental Health at 803-898-8350.

In need of help?  Go to your local Community Mental Health Center.


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