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Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center

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Morris Village was one of four regionally located mental health facilities envisioned in 1963 by the Governor's Interagency Council on Mental Health Planning. Although the concept of the village system was to provide geographically accessible treatment closer to the patient’s community, Morris Village was designated as the department of mental health’s sole inpatient facility for the treatment of alcohol and other drug addiction.

In 1968, the Department of Mental Health made a concerted effort at long range planning for Departmental physical needs. As a part of this planning, a partnership was made with the College of Architecture of Clemson University to assist in coordinated planning for the building needs of the department, both short term and long range. Professor George C. Means was the chief coordinator and liaison person for this project.

The Village opened in 1975 to serve patients from throughout the 46 counties of the state of South Carolina. The Morris Village treatment program was an outgrowth of a pilot 56 bed addiction treatment program housed at Crafts-Farrow State Hospital from 1971 until completion of the current facility in 1975. The Village was designed as a typical small residential community. Fourteen cottages (patient living areas) were located on the periphery of the campus, while administrative offices, an infirmary and a library were located in the interior surrounded by a central court yard.  In addition, the village contains residential cottages, a physical activities center, learning and resources center, cafeteria, a post office and cashier area, occupational therapy buildings and an assembly hall.

In 1987, the state passed legislation for the involuntary commitment of persons with chemical dependency. Since that time, the mission of Morris Village has evolved to accommodate the needs of persons involuntarily committed to treatment.

In 2004, Morris Village was integrated under the umbrella of Columbia Behavioral Healthcare Services consisting of other public inpatient hospitals in the Columbia Area serving adults and children who are experiencing a variety of behavioral healthcare problems. The purpose for this integration was to more effectively and efficiently integrate care by networking facilities that serve both the mentally ill and chemically dependent patients.

In 2007, Morris Village experienced another management restructuring as it became a facility under the newly reorganized Division of Inpatient Services.


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Morris Village is licensed by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 1992.



Patients are admitted from throughout the State by referrals from community mental health centers and community drug and alcohol commissions. More


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PHONE: (803) 935-7100

ADDRESS: 610 Faison Drive, Columbia, SC 29203

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