Adult Services
301-A Palmetto Park Blvd.
Lexington, SC 29072

Adult Services treats residents of Lexington County who have short or long term mental illness and are over the age of eighteen. The intensity of treatment is tailored to the need of the individual and is based on their strengths and abilities. Services include:

Out Patient Clinics
Provides treatment including individual therapy, group therapy, case management, physician services, medication monitoring, crisis services and psychiatric nursing services at three strategically place locations:

Lexington Clinic

Gaston Clinic

Batesburg Clinic

Homeshare Program

This unique, adult, “foster care” program allows clients with long term or repeated hospitalizations to live in the community in a safe, family setting with trained providers/families. Clients receive intensive case management and physician services from mental health staff, and providers are required to attend monthly training programs

Act Team Program

The Act Team works with clients requiring more intensive services to help them live in their community and prevent hospitalization. The treatment team of a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, and casemanager/therapist ensures that the client is stabilized and functioning in the community before referring them to one of the center’s other treatment programs.

ALP (Assisted Living Program)

The Assisted Living Program (ALP) allows adults with persistent mental illnesses to live in their own one-bedroom apartment with psychiatric and living skills support to help them transition into fully independent community living.

New Alternatives - Peer Support Services/Drop-In Center