Requests are received by telephone and walk in.  The documentation of information to determine eligibility begins with the initial contact with staff.  The individual requesting services, family/support systems, and referral source are potential resources to provide information related to the request for services.  

If the individual believes their problems to be emergent the call/contact will be sent directly to the Crisis Intervention staff.  That staff member will assess the person over the phone and if the problem is emergent then the person will be encouraged to come to the center and be seen as a walk in.

If, based on the information gathered, the person is not in crisis, staff will schedule an assessment appointment or make referral(s) to other resources as appropriate. 

The assessment process will be used to determine if Lexington County Community Mental Health Center has appropriate services for the person. During this process an Initial Clinical Assessment will be completed.  If the client meets criteria for admission to LCCMHC an appointment with a therapist at the program deemed appropriate will be scheduled.  Persons not appropriate for services at LCCMHC will be referred to resources within the community.

For Adult In-takes, please call: 803-359-3545

For Child and Adolescent In-takes, please call:   803-359-7206