Jail and Correctional Services

The SCDMH Office of Jail and Correction Services serves as liaison between the state office, its centers and facilities, law enforcement entities, corrections, and the courts to promote continuity of services, collaboration, and best practice programs for persons with mental illnesses who become involved in the criminal justice system.

Jail Diversion

Jail diversion refers to promising and best practice programs that divert adult persons with mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders away from the criminal justice system to appropriate community based treatment services, resource linkages and supports.

SCDMH has initiated and endorsed partnerships to support initiatives to promote programs to divert persons with mental illnesses from the criminal justice system and into appropriate community mental health treatment and other support services.

All 17 SCDMH Community Mental Health Centers and clinics provide mental health services to local jail/detention facilities.  These services may include:

  • assessment and screening for inpatient admission
  • medication monitoring
  • referral linkage to community services for repeat offenders charged with non-violent offenses

Mental health services are provided on site, at the mental health center/clinic and/or at emergency departments.  Four of the Community Mental Health Centers contract with local county government and/or private entity to provide mental health services on site at the local jail/detention facility. 

Community Mental Health Centers Contacts for Mental Health Services for Offenders with Mental Illnesses

For more information contact:
Demetrius Henderson,
Jail Services Liaison