South Carolina Department of Mental Health

2013 DMH Center and Facility Outstanding Employees of the Year

2013 DMH Statewide Outstanding Employee of the Year:

Employee of the Year Charleston / Dorchester Mental Health Center Monica Hugee
Monica Hugee - 2013 DMH Statewide Outstanding Employee of the Year

Outstanding Employees for 2013!

DOAS/Central Administration

Dawn K. FloydMs. Dawn K. Floyd, Accountant/Fiscal Analyst III, is the SCDMH Division of Administrative Services (DMH) Outstanding Employee of the Year. Ms. Floyd has worked for the SCDMH for eight years and six months.

Ms. Floyd’s nomination, written by one of her subordinates, reads, “Dawn is an exceptional supervisor and co-worker. I have learned so much regarding payroll from her in the time I have held this position. The Payroll Office is responsible for the payroll for more than 4000 DMH employees. Ms. Floyd was assigned the task of Payroll Manager in 2012. Shortly after this assignment the second payroll staff member accepted a position at another agency, leaving Ms. Floyd the only staff member in the entire payroll office. She not only accepted the challenge but was able to make the needed adjustments and develop a vision for the future of Payroll, which benefits DMH as an Agency. She is a natural team player and a strong leader who makes sound analytical decisions. She is graceful but more importantly has the foundational knowledge needed for the employees to be confident in this office.

She works to ensure all deadlines are met. There were two large projects with the U.S. Dept. of Labor and the State Auditor requiring special attention and Dawn ensured all that was needed got done and still met all requirements to ensure payroll ran timely and smoothly. It's not just her ability to do her job but her willingness and the attitude in which she does it.

When I was hired she had a full load, running Payroll single handedly, but still found time to properly train me and instill invaluable Payroll knowledge, which equipped and empowered me to be successful in my new position. She has an open door policy and never fails to go the extra mile. Her dedication and loyalty is the foundation for this nomination in addition to the fact that she is a wonderful person that I love working with and I appreciate everything she does and want others to know of the sacrifice, dedication and loyalty she gives DMH daily. I proudly nominate my supervisor, Ms. Dawn K. Floyd for the 2013 SCDMH Outstanding Employee.”

DOAS/Physical Plant Services

Dennis C. HarmonMr. Dennis C. Harmon is a Trades Specialist V with SCDMH Physical Plant Services. He has been employed with DMH for thirty-four years. He carries the internal title of HVAC PM Shop Supervisor. It has been stated that Mr. Harmon deserves to be the Outstanding Employee of the Year because he is a very conscientious supervisor. He promptly responds to all calls and many days works through his lunch and after hours. As a supervisor, he creates a productive and pleasant work environment for his seven employees.

Currently the HVAC shop has three unfilled positions. Therefore, Mr. Harmon often works from home in the evenings via the Johnson Controls computer system, many times without compensation. He spends a great deal of time meeting with contractors and has a very thorough knowledge of the HVAC and boiler systems on the Crafts Farrow State Hospital Grounds and Columbia Campuses, some of which are very old, difficult to repair and hard to find parts for.

Outside of work, Mr. Harmon is very active in his church. He's a Trustee and sings in the choir. He coordinates the Fall Festival and arranges the Halloween hay ride for the children among many other church activities. Furthermore, Mr. Harmon maintains the HVAC units for his church, pro bono. In addition, Mr. Harmon maintains a farm on his property. He keeps 4 horses, raises corn, wheat, hay & soy. Mr. Harmon devotes two nights a week with his elderly father who requires round the clock care, and still manages to find time to coach his son's little league baseball team.

Mr. Harmon has been nominated in the past for the Louise Hassenplug Award and has two (2) 110% Awards. He was also PPS Employee of the Year in 1998. No matter how busy the HVAC shop is, and it has been quite so in the last few months with all the weather changes, Mr. Harmon is always pleasant and has a great attitude. He's a wonderful person to work with and the Department is fortunate to have him in its employ. We hope you agree that Mr. Dennis C. Harmon should be the SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Aiken-Barnwell Community Mental Health Center

Thomas T. LloydMr. Thomas T. Lloyd, Trades Specialist III, has been with the SCDMH for 7 years and 2 months. Mr. Lloyd has 5 children; two daughters that live in Atlanta, GA, and three sons that live in Aiken. He also has five wonderful grandchildren and another one on the way. Mr. Lloyd is a very devoted father and grandfather. He is also very involved in his church where he plays the guitar. Currently, Mr. Lloyd helps take care of his mom and brother.

In addition to his taking care of his family, he takes care of his work family. He is very trustworthy and dependable. Mr. Lloyd is very prompt in getting his many jobs done. He is excellent at time management. He works at the Aiken's main center and two satellite offices, and works equally hard at each one. Mr. Lloyd is a very dedicated employee. He comes in early and stays late to ensure all tasks are completed. The Main Center is clean inside and out. On any given day, Mr. Lloyd could be taking trash out of offices, washing the building, raking, cutting grass, planting bushes, spreading mulch, changing light bulbs and traveling to North Augusta and Barnwell to do the same tasks.

There have been several visitors that have come into the main center and they are astounded that the building is sixteen years old. Everyone tells them our maintenance team is to thank for that. We are much honored to have Mr. Thomas Lloyd as an employee here at Aiken/Barnwell Mental Health Center. That's why the Center concurs that he should be the SCDMH Outstanding Employee for this Year.

Anderson-Oconee-Pickens Community Mental Health Center

Ginger P. CashMs. Ginger P. Cash, Administrative Specialist I, has worked for Anderson-Oconee-Pickens Mental Health Center for six years and six months. Ms. Cash is always willing to help our clients and staff in her position of Administrative Specialist providing Medical Records Services in the Child and Adolescent Clinic of the Anderson-Oconee-Pickens Mental Health Center. She exhibits a positive attitude no matter what the task. Her smiling face and contagious laughter light up the room. In addition to performing her job duties, she is always willing to assist others when needed. We as staff know that we can depend on her at any time for questions related to Medical Records issues or any other need. She demonstrates a genuine care for all of us.

Ms. Cash continues a tradition of dedicated state service as she is the daughter of Donna Poore, former Nursing Manager at Patrick B. Harris Hospital. In 2013, our Child & Adolescent Coordinator was honored with a retirement breakfast. The room was decorated with a theme related to New York. Every time the question was asked - who did this? The response was Ginger.

Ms. Cash is a wonderful employee to supervise and have on my team at the Child & Adolescent Center. She goes above and beyond to always make sure all her job duties are completed in a timely manner. Ms. Cash is always willing to help anyone that needs her assistance. Ms. Cash never turns anyone down that asks for help. She is so talented in everything she does. She gets along so well with everyone - staff and clients. She never meets a stranger. Ms. Cash is always so helpful with the Christmas party that we hold for our clients. She makes sure everything and everyone is organized and knows their duties for the night. Ms. Cash is just an all-around wonderful and helpful employee to each and every one at the Child & Adolescent Center.

Ms. Cash was instrumental this year in down-sizing our medical records from a large room to an unused office in the back hallway. She saw a way to benefit both the clients and staff and set a lofty scanning goal for herself. Due to her initiative and hard work, the Child and Adolescent building now has a new large group room for use by all clients and staff. Ms. Cash’s reputation with the clinical staff is one of complete trust. At least once a week you can overhear a clinician saying “I think this is right, but if it’s not, Ginger will let me know.” Ms. Cash can tell clinicians that they have done something (or multiple things) wrong in such a way that they love her for it! Her eye for details combined with her pleasant personality and contagious laugh is a rare treasure. Ms. Cash always goes out of her way to make sure everyone feels included no matter what is going on. Whether it is decorating the clinic, correcting documentation errors, or celebrating successes, she treats everyone equally and fairly. She does an excellent job of making sure each program at C&A has the same information and opportunities. We hope you select our rare gem, Ms. Ginger P. Cash, as the 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Beckman Center for Mental Health Services

Lori PruittMs. Lori Pruitt has been employed at Beckman Center for Mental Health Services as a Human Services Coordinator II since May 17, 2008. She oversees crisis stabilization funding for the Center and serves as Center coordinator for co-occurring service delivery. Quarterly trainings are provided to ensure staff are well versed in regards to dual diagnosis to enhance services to treat co-occurring disorders.

Ms. Pruitt is a Licensed Professional Supervisor and provides supervision for Center staff. In addition to providing LPC supervision, Ms. Pruitt has facilitated a number of center-wide trainings to include: Assessment and Treatment of Mentally Ill Adults, Working with Impaired Parents, and Clinical Supervision Training. Ms. Pruitt is very skilled as both a trainer and as a clinician. She is helpful to staff and responsive to staff and client needs. She demonstrates empathy and genuine concern for clients. Her demeanor is relaxed and confident, which creates a healthy environment for both clients and staff. Ms. Pruitt's professional affiliations include memberships with National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) and South Carolina Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (SCAADAC).

During personal time, Ms. Pruitt enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, and gardening. Daughter Alexandra is currently pursuing a degree in Elementary Education at USC. Ms. Pruitt is an active member with her church, the YMCA, and the Lexington Area Tennis Association. For her genuine concern, compassion, and dedication to both clients and colleagues, Ms. Lori Pruitt was selected as the 2013 Outstanding Employee for Beckman Center for Mental Health Services.

Berkeley Community Mental Health Center

Ms. Patricia A. Young has been employed with the SCDMH for 21 years and nine months. She started her career as a Program Nurse Specialist I from May 11, 1992 to March 1, 1994. Ms. Young continued her career as a Resource Nurse II from March 2, 1994 through July 1, 1996. She has held her current position of Registered Nurse II since July 2, 1996. Here are the things that Ms. Young's co-workers have to said about her: Portrays exceptional demeanor at all times. Always kind to patients and other staff. Always kind to patients and other staff. Hard worker; very knowledgeable. Very supportive and encouraging to others. Excellent customer service to staff and clients. Always ready to rise to a challenge. Knows how to listen to her clients - very empathetic. Goes beyond job duties to help clients and staff. Excellent character - is honest and trustworthy. Exemplifies thoughtfulness and always has a kind word. Understands the needs and hurts of her clients. Very experienced in her job as Access/Stabilization clinician. Works well with her patients. She checks all resources available to given situations. An excellent people person who listens to patients' needs and reaches out in a kind and caring manner. It is for these reasons that Ms. Patricia A. Young should be considered for the honor of Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Catawba Community Mental Health Center

Sheena H. WillisMs. Sheena H. Willis has been employed with the SCDMH for 5 years and 3 months. Currently she serves as the Clinic Director for York Adult Clinic.

During these few years she has proven to be a ray of sunshine, lighting every-one's day with her empathetic, positive approach to leadership. Ms. Willis is first and foremost an excellent clinician who is known for the caring and uplifting partnerships that she develops and nurtures with each of her clients. After distinguishing herself as a clinician, Ms. Willis was named a clinical supervisor who saw her role as primarily a coach whose job it was to make each member of her team the best they could be. Her team was known for volunteering to do whatever was in the best interest of clients. Ms. Willis rose to the Clinical Supervisor position in record time. She was with Catwaba for less than 3 years prior to being promoted to Supervisor. During that time, Ms. Willis distinguished herself as an MHP working with clients who have a dual disorder (MI and Substance Abuse). When the Clinic Director position was vacated, Ms. Willis applied and absolutely wowed the selection committee with her written SWAT analysis and corrective action plan. Well, Ms. Willis has been Clinic Director for seven months now and during that time she has personally: redecorated the entire clinic making it a much more welcoming environment for staff and clients, overhauled the Dual Diagnosis program using Motivational Enhancement Therapy standards, reconfigured the treatments teams to increase efficiencies of medical staff, revamped the medication request process, brought a sense of pride to be a part of the York Adult Clinic Team. The improvement in staff morale and client satisfaction is palpable and contagious since Ms. Willis has continued to spread her rays of sunshine, her wisdom, and her positive work ethic throughout Catawba CMHC. Ms. Sheen H. Willis is more than deserving of the title of the SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health Center

Monica Hugee The Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health Center (CDMHC) is honored to nominate Ms. Monica Hugee for the 2013 SCDMH Employee of the Year award.Ms. Hugee has been with CDMHC since 2007. During that time she has provided therapeutic services to school-based clients and their families.

Ms. Hugee consistently comes to work with a professional, positive attitude and strives for continuous professional development as evidenced by attending additional trainings to hone her clinical skills. She maintains appropriate continuity of care with each client, as evidenced by having no clients on the “not seen in more than 90 days” list. Ms. Hugee is also certified in TF-CBT through MUSC's Project Best, and articulates her knowledge of this evidenced based practice in her clinical notes. Ms. Hugee’s exceptional organizational skills and diligent efforts to engage family members in the treatment process are demonstrated by her low “no show” rate and her consistent ability to exceed her productivity expectations for FY2013. She served clients face to face 60% of her available time. Ms. Hugee completes clinical service notes within the required time frame and also completes POCs, Progress Summaries and CBCLs on time. Ms. Hugee recently took on an additional caseload of school-based clients at Eagle Nest Elementary while the assigned clinician was on extended sick leave. She managed this additional responsibility while training a new school-based therapist and maintaining her own school-based caseload.

Ms. Hugee's school surveys consistently come back with positive results and there are often requests attached from school staff that she is able to return next year. School administrators report that she is extremely helpful, and routinely goes out of her way to educate them on various mental health diagnoses, and the wide array of treatment services CDMHC provides. Ms. Hugee's client centered approach can be observed in her efforts to attend after school functions with her clients, such as school chorus performances and talent shows. Ms. Hugee was even a member of one of her school's faculty basketball teams! She utilizes these opportunities to show support for her clients and engage their families in the treatment process.

In addition to being an efficient and dedicated therapist, Ms. Hugee is also a key member of the local food bank. She provides meals to needy families on her caseload and has assisted with cooking and transporting Thanksgiving Day dinners to them as well. Ms. Hugee seems to notice when someone needs support, and always finds a way to help. Ms. Hugee is a positive influence on staff, and a role model for clients and their families. She is a very caring individual who is truly altruistic in her ways. Despite her challenging workload, Ms. Hugee always finds a way to contribute her time and skills for various employee functions during holiday events or luncheons at the Dorchester Clinic and make them much more memorable and special.

Ms. Hugee is a pleasure to supervise. Her professional, caring attitude and dedication to her clients is consistent with CDMHC's logo of Hope, Healing and Recovery. It is with great pride we select Ms. Monica Hugee as the 2013 Employee of the Year for Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health and nominate her for the 2013 SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Coastal Empire Community Mental Health Center

Pamela NutesMs. Pamela Nutes, Human Services Coordinator/Mental Health Counselor III, has been selected as the Coastal Empire Community Mental Health 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year. Ms. Nutes is a tireless staff person that serves an increasing case load, advocating for her clients at every turn while she strives to enhance clients' quality of life. With diminishing services to support these individuals, Ms. Nutes does whatever it takes to bridge the gap by creatively providing the services. She has a sympathetic and empathetic approach yet she can also employ firm support and guidance when needed. Ms. Nutes is most caring for her co-workers, stepping forward to assist, to impart information or to actively do a task for them. She has a special expertise on battered women and it's ramification on the family; she advocates strongly to empower change. As the supervisor of the Rehabilitation Team, Ms. Nutes has shown her excellence in managing personalities of many people with grace and proficiency. She has tackled one of our premier programs, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and kept it strong and vital in spite of staff turnover and primarily on-the-top training. The Center values Ms. Nutes' humor and good spirits EVERY DAY because she has taught all of us to enjoy a good laugh at ourselves. Her ability to laugh and make jokes creates a diversion, helping to create relief after tirelessly addressing situations repeatedly. She comes in early, works through lunch, stays late and has an enviable energy level. As if that wasn't enough, Ms. Nutes does a lot of documentation from home to give more of her time to her clients. She works tirelessly for her clients and gets them more benefits than any other clinician at Coastal Empire! Ms. Nutes is a "can-do" person and represents the Agency with great professionalism. She is a role model for us all. Please consider her for the 2013 SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Columbia Area Mental Health Center

Jennifer ButlerMs. Jennifer Jenkins Butler, Human Services Coordinator II, has been nominated as Columbia Area Mental Health Center’s Outstanding Employee of the Year. Ms. Butler is an inspirational, extraordinary, and well-rounded person that is tireless and dedicated in doing her job. Her empathy, compassion, respect for others, and passion for her work are an inspiration to everyone. It is often said that Ms. Butler wears many hats both inside and outside the Center: AIS building manager, trainer, college instructor, wife, mother, baker, and the list goes on and on.

While growing up in Easley, SC, Ms. Butler always wanted to be a teacher. However, she found her true calling at Winthrop University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. After college, she worked in the inpatient psychiatric unit at Piedmont Medical Center where she “learned a lot about inpatient and outpatient care.” She then became a case manager for Community Long-term Care working with 150-170 elderly, disabled, and HIV-positive patients across three counties. Attacked by a rooster on a home visit, Ms. Butler said the job was interesting but very difficult; five of her clients died during her time there. 

After moving to Columbia and earning a Master's of Social Work from the University of South Carolina, Ms. Butler planned to follow in her father's footsteps and join the Air Force as a medical social worker. After completing all of the requirements and getting accepted into the Air Force, she “chickened out” at the last minute. Instead, she took a job with the SCDMH in the brand new Sexually Violent Predators Treatment Program (SVPTP). The second person hired into the Program, she helped develop the curriculum and went through extensive training throughout the southeast. “We did lots of cognitive behavioral therapy (individual and group) and testing.” While working full time at SVPTP, Ms. Butler also worked nights at Bryan Psychiatric Hospital and weekends at Lexington Medical Center Emergency Department. She said she loved all of these work settings and learned so much. Ms. Butler joined CAMHC’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy program fourteen years ago. In addition to working at the Center, Ms. Butler also teaches in Winthrop's weekend Master of Social Work program and is teaching a course in the University of South Carolina’s Bachelor of Social Work program this spring. She works at Three Rivers on occasion.

Ms. Butler recently graduated from the SCDMH Mentoring Program and completed the requirements for licensure as an independent social worker (LISW). She’s been very involved in NAMI Mid-Carolina and has served on the Board of Directors. Ms. Butler is currently working with Ms. Sandy Hyre to develop a suicide prevention Pathlore training.

Married (Rhett) with two children (daughter Sidney-12 and son Mason-2), Ms. Butler is on her son's daycare Board of Directors and is involved in her church. For stress relief, she loves to bake and make candy. Ms. Butler has stated, “I am blessed beyond measure to be doing what I love! I have the privilege of working in the best Center in this state. We have the most dedicated Board, administration and staff. I am grateful for my wonderful team who are authentic, talented, compassionate and supportive. I am able to work with clients who inspire me with their strength and tenacity every day. I feel so lucky to work with such amazing individuals.”

There are not enough great things to say about Ms. Butler. We hope you see what an inspiring individual she is and select Ms. Jennifer Jenkins Butler for the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Greenville Mental Health Center

Nancy Cordova LellMs. Nancy Cordova Lell, Registered Nurse I has been selected as Greenville Mental Health Center 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year. When Ms. Lell came to this country from El Salvador in Central America, she was seven years old. She started first grade in an unfamiliar country, surrounded by an unfamiliar culture, not knowing the language or the customs. It can be hard enough to succeed even in the place in which you have grown up, but Ms. Lell was able to succeed and thrive in her new home. She overcame the language barrier, completed grade school, and went on to successfully complete her degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She then furthered her education to become a Registered Nurse. Ms. Lell started her career as a Registered Nurse I with Greenville Mental Health Center.

She was able to fit marriage and family into her educational and career goals. She is married to Chad and is the loving mother of Kaila, their daughter, and her stepchildren, Darrion and Brianna.

Ms. Lell's experiences must have played a major role in her decision not only to become a nurse, but to work with a special population of people: those who have been diagnosed with mental illness. She came to our Center from an emergency department position. As we know, ERs are busy places where even the most competent person may have difficulty accessing appropriate services in a timely manner. Ms. Lell developed an interest in mental health through her observation that people with mental illness were often not treated as well as those who do not carry the diagnosis. Before coming to our Center, Ms. Lell held two positions, one in the ER and the other in a private psychiatric hospital working with children and adolescents as well as adults. Once she came on board with us, she immediately began helping us break down the language barrier by making herself available to all departments in the Center, often interrupting her own busy schedule to translate for patient/staff interactions, making these sessions as productive as if everyone were speaking the same language. Different cultures often view the world in different ways and Ms. Lell has been invaluable in lending her experience and expertise to pave the way for better understanding of the nuances of delivery and receipt of optimal health care.

Ms. Lell has worked with our Homeless Program, visiting patients in non-clinical settings and again breaking down barriers that often prevent good treatment. She works with our Acute Care adult population, the Child and Adolescent Futures Program that provides therapy to children and their parents, and other treatment areas insuring that Spanish speaking patients and families are provided plans as those who speak English. Despite the fact that she does not receive any credit toward productivity for this service, she always exceeds productivity requirements, in part due to the large number of patients on her caseload but more importantly, because of her fierce dedication and determination. This is also reflected in her mission outreach through her church.

One of our physicians at Greenville Mental Health Center, a man of very few words who doesn’t often offer opinions of staff either positive or negative, summed it up for us when Ms. Lell was nominated for Employee of the Year.

Each staff member supporting the nomination cited Ms. Lell's never ending smile and willingness to do anything asked of her, her energy, her dedication, her loyalty to patients and the mission of our Center, etc. The doctor quietly stated, “Nancy is awesome.” That is an apt description of Nancy Lell. We hope you select her for the 2013 SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Lexington County Mental Health Center

Lourdes TepperLexington County Community Mental Health Center recognizes Ms. Lourdes Tepper, Human Services Coordinator II, as the Center's 2013 Outstanding Employee. Ms. Tepper has established herself as one of the top hospital liaisons in the state. She is known throughout the hospital system for her excellent clinical judgment and willingness to take on challenging cases. She is extremely thorough in managing hospital discharges to ensure that the client's needs are met upon discharge. She has developed effective professional relationships with the hospital staff for the benefit of our clients, and her supervisor regularly receives praise and positive feedback for her efforts with challenging hospital discharges.

Ms. Tepper also has the challenges associated with maintaining positive relationships with our community housing resources and community residential care facilities. She has gone above and beyond this year in dealing with some very difficult situations from helping to evacuate a bed bug infested facility that was closed by DHEC, to helping a financially struggling facility to fill beds so they can stay open. She is very well respected by the administrators of all of our CRCFs and problem-solves under pressure to work through challenging issues.She also works hard every year to make sure that our 80 CRCF clients all get a present at Christmas time and in many cases, this is the only gift that they will receive during the holidays.

Ms. Tepper is also an excellent clinician and consistently takes on challenging cases. In one case, she took on a client whose back to back hospitalizations had resulted in her only being in the community for five months in a three year period. This client has not only remained out of the hospital, but she has returned to school and will complete her nursing degree this year. This is just one of many challenging cases that Ms. Tepper has been able to help a client achieve tremendous results.

Ms. Tepper's job is one that is very challenging and not always glorious. She has dealt with everything from bedbugs to having her last $5 pick pocketed during a visit to a halfway house trying to check on a client that was misplaced by the ER. Although she had saved that last $5 to reward herself with .a coffee on the way back to the office, she did what she always does and focused on what the client needed. She also helped a client who could not be discharged back home because the mobile home had become so backed up with sewage that it was uninhabitable. She is always willing to advocate for those that need it. She demonstrates consistent bravery and ambition in traveling around our community to make sure clients have what they need. What some may view as a barrier to hospital discharge, Ms. Tepper views as a challenge to overcome. That is why she is LCCMHC's Outstanding Employee of the Year and should be the agency's.

Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center

Robert GreenMr. Robert Green serves as a Building/Grounds Specialist I at Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center. Dedicated and hardworking, Mr. Green never says no when assigned a task. Possessing a positive outlook and perpetual smile, Mr. Green always looks for ways to assist staff and clients. Whether fixing a leaky faucet, painting the wall or ceiling, jump starting a state vehicle in the pouring rain, or going to pick up staff that has run out of gas, Mr. Green brings a positive word and outlook that makes the day better. If the temperature in your office needs to be adjusted, he is there. If its office supplies you need, he will try to make sure they are in stock in the Supply Room. If you have been moved to a new office, he will help make the new space yours. If you need a pick me up in the morning, the quality of the coffee in the Supply Room is legendary, and the fellowship can't be beat.

Mr. Green came to Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center as a Temporary Staffer in the summer of 2003, becoming a full-time state employee on May 2, 2005. Since that time he has provided assistance as the Center worked through several projects impacting his area of responsibility. The replacement of all carpet at the Main Center, carpet replacement in some satellite clinics, program relocations, program shutdowns, and changes in operations due to budget constraints have tested his skills. He has delivered each time and the smile has never (well, almost never!) waivered. He performs safety inspections essential to keeping Center facilities safe and to maintaining CARF accreditation.

Mr. Green exhibits the qualities and characteristics essential to the Center's fulfillment of its mission. Everyone deserves a smile, a positive word, respect, a pat on the back, and an honest effort. It is easy to see why his peers named him Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center's Outstanding Employee for 2013. For this diligence and commitment, Mr. Robert Green deserves to be the SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Pee Dee Mental Health Center

Erica HollomanMs. Erica Holloman, Human Services Coordinator I, is being nominated for Employee of the Year because of her dedicated work ethic to serve others. She takes the time to identify strengths in the clients and family. She serves to help them see themselves as a change-agent to achieve their goals. She always demonstrates compassion and empathy for others to get the job done. This is reflected in her going the extra mile to help others and she models professionalism with a smile on a daily basis. She is a team player. Ms. Holloman is always seeking training opportunities to enhance her clinical skills to be able to better serve others. Ms. Holloman demonstrates a high level of commitment in serving as her church youth leader. She strives to inspire community youth to become true achievers and serve as a role model for others. We can go on and on about what a great employee and person Ms. Holloman is, but the truth of the matter is that words do not begin to do her justice. Please select Ms. Erica Holloman as the 2013 SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services

Debra AyersPiedmont Center for Mental Health Services is pleased to announce Ms. Debra Ayers as their Employee of the Year. Mrs. Ayers serves as the Center Administrator and is responsible for billing, clerical support, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Ms. Ayers has been employed by the Center since 1991 and has worked in various capacities during her career. She began as an Administrative Specialist and since her hire has worked as a Data Control Clerk, Senior Data Control Clerk, Data Coordinator I, Information Resource Coordinator I, Administrative Coordinator I, and Administrative Manager I.

She completed the Agency's Mentoring Program in 2013. Prior to working for Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services, Ms. Ayers received her Bachelors of Arts from Guilford University in her home state of North Carolina. After graduating college, she taught high school Spanish and lived for an extended time in South America to better learn the language and culture. She has been married for 35 years and lives with her husband, Sonny, in Taylors, South Carolina. They have one son, Chris, who is married. Chris and his wife, Marianne, are both dentists in the Greenville area.

Ms. Ayers is the consummate client focused employee. She is always cheerful, considerate and kind, and can be counted on to go above and beyond in serving our clients. Her programs are skillfully managed and performed in an efficient and effective manner. Ms. Ayers has an extensive knowledge of the Center's business practices, and she has developed fiscal programs that have improved the Center's ability to recoup fees. All of Ms. Ayers' staff are trained to be welcoming and sensitive to our clients. She leads by example, always with a smile and a cheerful disposition. Ms. Ayers is both liked and respected by staff and clients alike for her cheerful disposition and dependability. Please make Ms. Debra Ayers the 2013 SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Santee-Wateree Community Mental Health Center

Faye ConyersMrs. Faye Conyers, Administrative Specialist II, has been employed with Santee/Wateree Mental Health Center for over 37 years. She has been dedicated to the agency and her colleagues. Mrs. Conyers has been instrumental in providing front line services for patient care and the clinic. She is action-oriented which offers effective work flow, as well as timely and accurate reports. Mrs. Conyers has proven her ambition and loyalty to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health not only by her years of service, but also by her active role in community and the local school system in Clarendon County. She has a proven work autonomy as she executes the job and engages colleagues to execute protocol as needed. She has proven leadership qualities as she is molded in self-confidence, positive reinforcement and repetitive success as a person and employee. She is modest when receiving compliments on her work ethics and approach, and represents Santee/Wateree Mental Health Center well. Please consider Mrs. Conyers as the 2013 SCDMH Employee of the Year.

Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center

Ms. Tammy S. Kimball has been selected as Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center's 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year. She began her career with Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center on August 2, 1988. Since that time, she has been in numerous positions, including supervising Administrative Support Staff. Because of her excellent knowledge of all these positions, she has been the “go-to” person for help and advice for those who have followed her.

At the present time, Ms. Kimball is an integral part of a team of nurses and staff in the Center's Injection Clinics. Since this began as a new position, she was instrumental in setting up policies and procedures to manage the job duties while helping our clients and nurses. Her attention to detail and organizational skills have allowed this department to evolve into a very smooth and efficiently run department. In the Injection Clinics, Tammy has maintained a high level of organizational functionality through ordering medications, client reception and registration, and electronic inventory logs, as that service has grown from 100 clients on three medications in 2008 to 250+ with five medications in 2014. Tammy's attention to detail, persistence and follow-through assure clients are able to get their shots on time. Her competence in this area is also responsible for improved revenue through savings and productivity of the RNs. The poet Yeats wrote, “Think where man's glory most begins and ends and say my glory was I had such friends.” In honoring Ms. Kimball as Spartanburg's Employee of the Year and nominating her for the overall award, it is fitting that one realize the impact she has on our clients and staff.

A sampling of comments from her co-workers speaks to the manner in which she performs her job:

“Tammy has a kind, gentle spirit with just the right amount of friendly humor which makes not only the clients happy to come for injections but also boosts staff morale.”

“Tammy keeps the nursing staff organized with the Injection Clinic. She is very friendly to the clients, and she is wonderful to work with. She goes over and beyond to make sure clients insurance will pay for injections.”

“Although I do not work directly with Tammy, the times I have had to consult with her or get assistance in the past, she has been very efficient and quick in assisting me. I also have heard a lot of compliments about her work from other staff, especially when she is picking up medication from the hospital or checking on drugs for insurance purposes. I remember when Tammy worked the front desk at the East Wood Street facility. She was as professional and courteous then as she is today.”

On a personal note, Ms. Kimball has raised and is very proud of her two daughters, Elizabeth, a student at Spartanburg Community College, and Allison, a senior at Dorman High School. She enjoys reading as a hobby now that her children are older and more independent.

Ms. Kimball states, “I enjoy my work and love my co-workers. I also enjoy being able to help our clients and know that what we do does make a difference in their lives.” Tammy truly has made a difference! You will not go wrong selecting Ms. Tammy S. Kimball as the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Tri County Community Mental Health Center

Mr. Simon Huggins is Tri-County Community Mental Health Center's Outstanding Employee of the Year. He has more years of experience in his second career than many clinicians do in their first. He came to Tri-County Community Mental Health Center in the fall of 1991 after having recently retired from the United States Army with 22 years of service. He is a veteran of Desert Storm and of the conflict in the Dominican Republic.

Since beginning with Tri-County Community Mental Health Center, it did not take Mr. Huggins long to go straight to the top of the most productive clinicians list. He has remained there ever since, consistently leading the Center in service hours to clients. He is Tri-County Community Mental Health Center's only Family Preservation service provider, and he became a South Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor in July of 2000.

Today, Mr. Huggins is still known far and wide in our service area as a kind, compassionate and very effective clinician for his work with children, adolescents and adults.

Our Human Resources Specialist recently attended a job fair at one of the local high schools. Afterwards, she returned to the Center saying she had fielded numerous inquiries about Mr. Huggins from the students. Many of them knew him personally and many others had heard from their parents, grandparents or other relatives about how much he had helped them in years past.

For Mr. Huggins, the joy of providing excellent clinical services to clients has never worn off. Not only is he retired from the US Army, but he also recently enrolled in the TERI Program. This program is only open to employees with a sufficient number of years of service to the State of South Carolina to qualify for full retirement. All of Mr. Huggins' years of service have been as a Family Preservation clinician with Tri-County CMHC. Obviously, his boundless energy and endless dedication do not come from his job being new to him. Mr. Huggins stands as an example to which all beginning, and experienced, clinicians can aspire. Because of all the foregoing, the Executive Director has nominated Mr. Simon Huggins for the honor of the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Waccamaw Center for Mental Health

Waccamaw Center for Mental Health Services has selected Ms. Dana Strock, Program Coordinator II, as their candidate for Outstanding Employee of the Year. Ms. Strock began her employment with the Waccamaw Center for Mental Health Services as an Horry County School-Based Counselor. In 2010 she moved into the role of Quality Assurance Coordinator. This position has evolved and includes credentialing; coordinating staff training on the Electronic Medical Record (EMR); and being the go-to person at the Center for EMR issues or questions.

Ms. Strock provides quality assurance training for all new hires and refresher training for any other staff. She is always available to offer her support and expertise whenever it is needed.

Ms. Strock is heavily involved with her church. She provides leadership for the teenagers within her church. Also, this year, she assisted with “Treats for Special Kids.” Ms. Dana Strock is well liked and respected by staff and administration, and is very deserving of the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of Year.

Bryan Psychiatric Hospital (BPH)

Anita S. GathersMs. Anita S. Gathers, a Pharmacist with  Bryan Psychiatric Hospital, has been selected as their Outstanding Employee of the Year. There are many reasons why we are confident that Ms. Gathers deserves to be the DIS BPH Employee of the Year. In her 17 months with BPH she has changed the culture of BPH, mostly through her participation on the BPH Culture Change Committee. Her infectious smile and positive attitude makes people feel happy. She makes every person she comes in contact with feel special and appreciated. She has great big ideas, and actually makes them happen through hard work, many hours, and a lot of her own money.

In the Pharmacy, Ms. Gathers is an outstanding pharmacist with a wealth of knowledge that she brought from her years in retail pharmacy. She solves problems with thoroughness and completeness, always with the best interest of the patient. She is a valuable member of the Treatment Teams on Lodge D. Her doctors and the rest of the team love her. Dr. Sabi says, “I could not conduct treatment team without her. I would be completely at sea. I often ask her advise...she gives advice in a gracious yet professorial manner”.

Dr. Sabi is also impressed with how Ms. Gathers works with the students. She is a popular preceptor for pharmacy students and is a wonderful teacher. She makes them feel welcome and a part of the pharmacy family. She was nominated for Preceptor of the Year by the SC College of Pharmacy in 2013. Because of her positive attitude, she has brought out the best in the rest of the Pharmacy department and as a result we are all more like her. She makes the Pharmacy look great and feel festive by decorating the Pharmacy with seasonal decorations and makes our parties the best ever! As this is being written, she is singing Christmas carols and putting up Christmas decorations in the Pharmacy. She loves saying “I love my job!”, but her favorite things to say are YAY!!” We’re winning!”, “We won!” and “You’re winning!” and “You won!”

Outside of the Pharmacy at BPH, her efforts have helped orchestrate the change in culture we are seeing at BPH. As part of the Culture Change Committee, Ms. Gathers organized the 2013 Family Fun Day 2013 with the help of a multidisciplinary BPH Committee. This included a fully sanctioned 5-K run and walk, games for children, donated food, and a DJ which she paid for herself, and even T-shirts. Most importantly, Family Fun Day raised thousands of dollars through sponsorship for the BPH Forgotten Patient's Fund.

She has excellent rapport with all of the departments at BPH and brings different BPH departments together for the common cause of treating each other well and taking care of our patients. She participates in as much as she can for Activity Therapy, like line dancing, exercise classes and various events. She had the pharmacy perform “Sister Act” at the 2011 Christmas show and singing and dancing at the 2012. Both of these events were a huge hit with the patients and staff and spread the joy of the season with laughter and happiness. Largely because of her efforts, the Pharmacy won the “Spirit Award” for the first two years, inspiring other departments to be like the Pharmacy so they can win the award.

Ms. Gathers and her devoted husband Jerome love to travel and are always looking for new places to explore on the weekends, sometimes driving several hours to enjoy a new town or a special event. She is the mother of three grown children, Jerome Jr., Tiffany, and Brian. She is also a proud Grandma to two gorgeous grandchildren.

Ms. Gathers has a very strong faith which she uses to encourage those in times of need. She and her family are longtime members of Gateway Baptist Church where she sings in the Adult Worship Choir, and is a leader with the women’s groups. She organizes events at her church as fundraisers and invites people to events at her church and welcomes everyone. An example is a 60's/70's party she organized earlier this year where several of the Pharmacy staff members attended for fun and fellowship. Ms. Gathers is caring and compassionate to everyone, including strangers, friends, and family.”

Ms. Gathers’ influence on the Pharmacy and BPH can be summed up by a comment Mr. Randolph recently received from one of our psychologists, “I had occasion to need help with a fax and ended up going to the Pharmacy; I must say it'd be great if somehow everyone was exposed to the ambiance of the Pharmacy; it is unlike any in a very positive way; very friendly, very open, inviting, and hugely helpful.I was very impressed. I see how they got their recent awards.” Because of Ms. Anita S. Gather's influence not just in Pharmacy but the entire staff and patients of BPH, we feel she deserves to be the SCDMH 2013 Employee of the Year!

DIS / Forensic Evaluation Services

Tamika LeeMs. Tamika Lee, Administrator Coordinator I, is the 2013 Forensic Evaluation Services Outstanding Employee of the Year. She has worked as a paralegal in DMH's Forensic Evaluation Service (FES) since March of 2008. She came to the FES with a Bachelor's degree in political science and a paralegal studies certificate. She also came with experience as a paralegal in the private sector and City of Columbia Municipal Court. In 2011, Ms. Lee completed a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice/Criminal Behavior.

Based on her 2013 job performance, Ms. Lee is deserving of the Outstanding Employee Award for BPH Forensics. Ms. Lee consistently processed vast numbers of court-related documents in an accurate and efficient manner. The paperwork she handled always ended up in the right place, whether it was a database or patient chart. Even though she was thorough and detail-oriented, her document processing was never a cause for delay, which helped the FES complete evaluations as quickly as possible. Ms. Lee worked very independently and showed excellent initiative in solving problems while still showing good judgment about when to seek assistance in dealing with improper or possibly insufficient paperwork.

Casting DMH in a favorable light, Ms. Lee interacted with individuals from the court system in a professional manner, despite sometimes having to deal with people who were demanding, uninformed, and/or unreasonable. With such individuals, she always responded in a helpful and rational manner. She was usually able to communicate with them in a way that resolved the issue while making the FES look good. She also did a good job of reporting and documenting issues and her responses. In working with non-DMH parties, Ms. Lee regularly took the lead in ensuring that problems were resolved and processes were improved. Although already working hard, Ms. Lee often did things before she was asked and sought additional duties in order to help the FES function better. But even when given more to do, the quality of her work never waned. She often completed tasks in ways that were better than they needed to be. For example, when asked to report a small amount of numerical data, she would go to the trouble of putting it in a chart. When Ms. Lee covered for employees who were on extended leave, there were no discernible lapses in service.

In summary, in 2013 Ms. Lee's job performance was notable for the amount, quality, and efficiency of her work; the initiative and tenacity she showed in resolving problems; the professional demeanor she displayed when interacting with non-DMH parties; and the seamless coverage she provided for other FES employees. For these reasons, Ms. Tamika Lee is deserving of the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee Award.

DIS / Morris Village

Gwain ShellsMr. Gwain Shells, a Human Services Specialist I, is Morris Village's Outstanding Employee of the Year. Mr. Shells has dedicated over 32 years of service to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. He maintains his competency by attending classes including completion of PATHLORE and update Best training which demonstrates good work ethic and interpersonal update Best training which demonstrates good work ethic and interpersonal skills. He is assigned to Admission/Stabilization and co-occurring unit. He works extra hours to provide safe patient care. This incumbent displays a strong power of observation and maintains a positive approach in handling patient complaints. He also watches out for employees by suggesting handrails be used outside steps. Mr. Shells is careful to follow proper storage procedures, is environmentally conscious, and assists with ordering supplies, equipment, or any other items needed.

Mr. Shells is married and has three children. He is actively involved with his church. He is an usher, provides security and deals with maintenance issues. He likes gardening, fishing, playing with his grandchildren and bargain hunting with his wife. Overall, he's a good person and a good employee. Mr. Gwain Shells is a great candidate for the SCDMH Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Division of Inpatient Services (DIS) Centralized Services 

Roberta RichardsMs. Roberta Richards, Administrator Coordinator II, has been nominated as DIS Centralized Services Employee of the Year. Ms. Richards  has provided over 26 years of outstanding service to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. In her current capacity as the Director of Central Timekeeping, Ms. Richards has not only supported DIS requirements, but she has also been instrumental in providing technical assistance to SCDMH HR. This was particularly true when the Agency was transitioning to the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS) for Human Resources. Ms. Richards was the lead person in transitioning the current timekeeping system to operate in a SCEIS HR environment. She attended SCEIS HR/Payroll workshops, tested and validated payroll results, served as a liaison between the SCEIS Team and DMH HR, and became the DMH expert on resolving SCEIS timekeeping issues.

Ms. Richards was not only instrumental in playing a pivotal role in facilitating the fielding of SCEIS HR, she was also instrumental in performing a number of other tasks. Specifically, Ms. Richards organized and relocated her staff in an effort to provide more efficient services to DIS employees. In line with providing more efficient timekeeping services and management for DIS, Ms. Richards and her staff systematically assumed these responsibilities from Tucker Nursing Care Center and from Nutritional Services. What is significant about what Ms. Richards has done has been her strong leadership and organizational skills to get all of this done without any increases in the size of her staff.

Ms. Richards enjoys the fine arts, as well as home décor and renovation projects. She is dedicated to educating her staff on women's health issues, especially in the areas of heart health and breast cancer awareness. She is the mother of two: Monique and Michael; and a proud grandmother of Arianna (15) and Brianna (11). She is an active member of Christian Life Assembly in Columbia where she serves on the Greeters Committee. Ms. Richards is a well-rounded citizen and employee who is truly a dynamic leader and supervisor, and well deserving of the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

C. M. Tucker, Jr., Nursing Care Center

Charles ClaryC.M. Tucker, Jr., Nursing Care Center is proud to have nominated Mr. Charles Clary, Chaplain III, for Outstanding Employee of the Year for 2013. Mr. Clary is the Pastoral Services Supervisor. His career goes back many years, 20 plus years of services to DMH and many years of service within the community.

There are not words for how Mr. Clary goes out of his way for the residents. His work is always above and beyond the call of duty. Mr. Clary conducts services and programs for both staff and residents, and every service exceeds the bounds of expectation. He always has a smile, greets everyone he meets with a warm greeting, and makes residents and staff feel welcome at work, and appreciated for what they do at C. M. Tucker, Jr., Nursing Care Center. It would be great to see Pastoral Services recognized for all they do. So please select Mr. Charles D. Clary as the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

DIS / Nutritional Services

Zelma C. GibbsThe Division of Nutritional Services proudly proclaims Ms. Zelma C. Gibbs, Food Services Specialist V, as their 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year. In over 39 years of service, Ms. Gibbs has never lost site of Nutritional Services responsibility to our clients and residents. Her energy and enthusiasm for what we do every day is contagious. Ms. Gibbs is an ambassador for Nutritional Services across the DIS system and sets the example for excellent customer service for all areas Nutritional Services supports. She is our cheerleader.

Her responsibilities include coordinating and managing all Nutritional Services' catering events, as well as managing all operational activities related to client/resident feeding on all DIS campuses. She is also responsible for any meal issues related to the Midlands Center meal contract. She does not complain when she receives phone calls at midnight or one a.m. that a retherm unit has gone dead and all the breakfast trays need to be replaced. Ms. Gibbs often assists in a dining room that is short staffed. Her "office work" is postponed to meet our customers needs. Ms. Gibbs maintains consistent expectations for her staff but also focuses on staff recognition. This past December Ms. Gibbs and her supervisors prepared a Holiday luncheon of homemade food. This was indeed an extraordinary experience for our staff.

Ms. Gibbs also works with Volunteer Services during the holiday tea for the entire Nutritional Services department, volunteering her time and talents to provide an extraordinary experience for our staff. Ms. Gibbs also works with Volunteer Services during the holiday season when many outside groups want to provide meals to our clients and residents. She willingly volunteers her time and expertise even on week-ends. Ms. Gibbs is humble and does not seek recognition for her efforts. Her reward is the positive comments from her staff, the residents, and others in DIS she serves. Ms. Gibbs deserves to be the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year for her dedication to the mission of Nutritional Services as well as the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.

Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital

Ms. Wanda C. Craft, Nurse Administrator/Manager I, is Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital’s Outstanding Employee of the Year. Ms. Craft has worked for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health for almost sixteen years. She shows a never-ending devotion to our patients by effectively empathizing with them. During treatment team meetings, she always advocates for the patients. Ms. Craft also “stands up” for the employees who work on her lodge and throughout the hospital through active participation in hospital committees. She is a team player with good leadership abilities. Ms. Craft is a great role model for all, always willing to lend a helping hand. She presents a strong work ethic, demonstrating creativity and flexibility to ensure that the job gets done! Ms. Craft always displays a positive attitude and exhibits excellent clinical skills. These are a few of the great qualities that Ms. Wanda C. Craft posses and makes her a great candidate for the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Sexual Violent Predators Treatment Program

Lakiyah N. FrederickMs. Lakiyah N. Frederick, Human Services Specialist II, has earned the title of 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year for the Sexually Violent Predators Treatment Program. Ms. Frederick has been employed with the Sexually Violent Predators Treatment Program since November 2011. She came to the program with great energy and enthusiasm, and this has continued throughout her employment. Ms. Frederick has been dedicated to learning and growing as a professional in the field, and has always acted as a strong advocate for her residents' needs in treatment. Ms. Frederick has not only developed her professional and clinical skills, she has worked to advance the treatment program by developing additional psycho-educational groups to offer to residents.

Furthermore, she has taken on the role as discharge planner for residents anticipating a return to the community. She has gone above and beyond by contacting and visiting locations/facilities, as well as fostering important relationships for a population that is often underserved in the community.

Ms. Frederick is also a Reservist in the National Guard. As a Captain, she has been deployed within the states, maintaining her studies in the field while on her mission. Ms. Frederick not only shines as an individual but is an excellent team member and colleague. Her continued dedication to her work and studies demonstrates that she has a bright future in the field and with the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. Support our nominee, Ms. Lakiyah N. Frederick, by selecting her as the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

WSHPI/Child & Adolescent Division

Ms. Sabrina Jackson deserves to receive the Outstanding Employee Award. She's an outstanding employee with good work ethics. She reports to work on time with an enthusiastic attitude. She takes pride in her work. She completes assigned task with accuracy. She goes above and beyond in providing therapeutic groups for her assigned patients. She brings in volunteers to enhance the scope of services provided to patients on Unit 170.

Ms. Jackson believes in the power of positive thinking and the impact it can have on her, others and surroundings. Throughout her work experience, she's been an advocate for vulnerable children and adults. She's aware of the responsibilities of co-workers and recognizes how her duties affect their workload. When given instructions she waits patiently, listening to them without interruption and listens. Ms. Jackson thinks on her feet, adapts quickly to shifting priorities, and does whatever it takes, regardless of the role or position, to get things done. She takes initiative in finding ways to solve problems, improve things, and to be more efficient at her duties. She boosts the morale of her peers on a daily basis, with positive praise for the great job they're performing. She has therapeutic group experience in the community setting.

In summary, Ms. Jackson knows her duties inside and out, and pays attention to detail. She's a great employee with outstanding qualities such as dependable, reliable, proactive, great team player and has strong work ethics. She's an asset to the Activity Therapy Department. Therefore, Ms. Sabrina N. Jackson is truly deserving of the SCDMH 2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year.