South Carolina Department of Mental Health

2011 DMH Center and Facility Outstanding Employees of the Year

2011 DMH Outstanding Employee of the Year:

Roger Williams
Roger Williams - 2011 DMH Outstanding Employee of the Year

DOAS/Physical Plant Services

Mr. Stephen A. Morgan, a Trades Specialist IVMr. Stephen A. Morgan, a Trades Specialist IV, is Physical Plant Services’ most Outstanding Employee of the year.  Mr. Morgan is one of the young stars of the maintenance area within Physical Plant Services.  He is tireless in his approach to getting the job done correctly.  Mr. Morgan has embraced Physical Plant Services’ goal of making the operation more efficient.  He is constantly working on process improvements that benefit the agency as well as the clients and staff.

Mr. Morgan is a mentor to his staff.  He has setup a training program to get all of his subordinates to a skilled station.  He personally helps with their training and encourages them to continue with formal training.  Mr. Morgan’s dedication is not only to his employees, but to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.  He comes in on his day off to ensure all paperwork is completed and all of his projects are taken care of.  Mr. Morgan has embraced the new computerized work control program.  Not only does he use the work order portion, but he has learned the financial side in order that he may understand the entire operation. 

Mr. Morgan is a team player.  He is always willing to do whatever is needed to accomplish the goal.  He understands Physical Plant Services’ role in the organization as support to the clients and staff, and he works to make this a better relationship.  Mr. Morgan is a natural leader and Physical Plant Services is more than honored to have him represent Physical Plant Services. 

Aiken-Barnwell CMHC

Dr. James E. Ford, III, Certified Senior PsychiatristDr. James E. Ford, III, Certified Senior Psychiatrist, has been selected by Aiken/Barnwell CMHC to represent them as the 2011 Outstanding Employee. He has over nineteen years of service with the SCDMH.  Dr. Ford was hired in July of 1992 by Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital.  He was selected as employee of the year for the hospital in 1993.  Dr. Ford transferred to Beckman Mental Health Center in January of 1994.  In 2006, he was recognized as Beckman’s employee of the year.  Dr. Ford and his family moved to Aiken in May of 2006 and he transferred to Aiken-Barnwell CMHC.  Currently, Dr. Ford provides services at the Polly Best Center three days a week, and provides services to children and their families at the main center one day a week.  Dr. Ford is a great asset to Aiken-Barnwell CMHC and the surrounding community.  He has earned the respect of many physicians in the community, as they often refer their patients to him for assistance.  Not only does Dr. Ford stay busy with his job duties, but he often assists the clinicians in the Center as they treat their clients.  He gives valuable feedback during staffing which improves the quality of service rendered to the clients.

Dr. Ford is a warm and approachable person which helps the clients relax and become more comfortable at the Center. Unfortunately, many clients are intimidated to come to a mental health center due to the social stigma surrounding mental health issues.  Yet, once they meet with Dr. Ford, they are more relaxed and ready to work on their goals.  He extends this warm approach to the clinicians as well.   Dr. Ford encourages the clinicians and makes time for extra staffing when needed.  He also brings cookies or other sweets to our staffing which create a more relaxed environment to work in.  Dr. Ford always has the welfare of the clients and the staff in mind.  Aiken/Barnwell CMHC is proud to have Dr. Ford represent them as their 2011 Outstanding Employee of the year.

Anderson-Oconee-Pickens CMHC

Ms. M. Gayle Rice, a Registered Nurse IMs. M. Gayle Rice, a Registered Nurse I, represents Anderson-Oconee-Pickens CMHC as their most Outstanding Employee.  Ms. Rice has worked for the Center for sixteen years.  She serves as the Oconee Clinic Manager and Interim Corporate Compliance Chairperson, provides nursing services to our clients and is a member of the Center’s management team.  Ms. Rice is loved and respected by the staff and clients she serves.  She never fails to brighten everyone day with her warm smile and friendly “how are you?”  Ms. Rice is an avid photographer and shares her talents with others.  She always has her camera with her and is willing to take pictures at work-related events. 

Here are some of the comments made about Ms. Rice:  “She is a fantastic person.”, “I feel she is interested in my success as a counselor.”, “She called in the snow storm and asked if my home had water and power.  She asked if she could help in any way.”, and “It was clear to me from the first day working in Oconee that she would be available to help and answer any questions and listen to anything I wanted to talk about.”

After all those wonderful comments, it is no mystery as to why Anderson-Oconee-Pickens CMHC’s management and staff feel Ms. Rice is a great candidate for  Anderson-Oconee-Pickens CMHC’s Employee of the Year.  

Beckman Center for Mental Health Services

Mr. Donald Greg Ross, a Program Coordinator IMr. Donald Greg Ross, a Program Coordinator I, was nominated as the most Outstanding Employee at Beckman Center for Mental Health Services.  Mr. Ross has over 14 years of service with the SCDMH and over 18 years of state service.  He is described as dependable, efficient, very professional, and he pays attention to every detail. 

Mr. Ross goes out of his way to develop relationships with staff within agencies such as Social Security Administration, Health and Human Services, South Carolina Department of Social Services, Mental Health America, and so many others.  All of these relationships allow Mr. Ross the opportunity to serve Beckman’s clients in a fast and efficient manner.  The effort he puts forth in his job means the difference between a client being homeless or not, eating or not, or the ability for the client to stay on the road to recovery. 

Mr. Ross has been an asset to Beckman Center for Mental Health Services’ mentor program.  He is definitely an excellent candidate for future management training where his professional skills can be further useful to the Center.  This professionalism shines in many areas of his work, from his services to the clients to the services he provides the center’s board members.  Mr. Ross always goes the extra mile and his dedication is never ending.

Mr. Ross’ skills and talents do not end with the office work. He projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our clients.  Mr. Ross resolves conflicts and handles other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact.

He has deep compassion toward others and loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around him. 

Mr. Ross’ work ethics and personal characteristics   set him apart from the crowd.  Beckman Center for Mental Health Services is indeed honored to have Mr. Ross represent them as the most Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Berkeley CMHC

Ms. Stacy L. Albarran,  Program Coordinator IIMs. Stacy L. Albarran, a Program Coordinator II, has been selected to represent Berkeley CMHC. 

Ms. Albarran has dedicated a little over 19 years of service to the SCDMH.  Ms. Albarran is a great employee who is a valuable asset to the Center, the staff and the children and families served at the Center.  She is an intelligent, hardworking and invested employee for the children of Berkeley County.  Ms. Albarran exudes an advocate stance to benefit the lives of the children of Berkeley County.  She is also an awesome advocate for her staff and she has a light-hearted personality.  Ms. Albarran pushes her staff to be not just good enough counselors, but to be all that they possibly can be. 

Ms. Albarran fearlessly stands up for what she feels are needed and right.  She participates in staffing with other agencies and shares the knowledge that she obtains.  Ms. Albarran is no stranger to adversity in the community as she interfaces with many schools and agencies on behalf of the clients that she serves.  She truly believes in the work that she does; she always has the interest of the clients at heart.  Ms. Albarran supports the mission of Berkeley CMHC and it shows in her performance.  That’s why she is very deserving of the honor of Berkeley CMHC’s Employee of the Year.

Catawba CMHC

Ms. Kimberly R. Sconyers, Human Services Coordinator IMs. Kimberly R. Sconyers, Human Services Coordinator I, has been selected as the most Outstanding Employee for Catawba CMHC.  She has worked for the SCDMH for going on seven years and has worked for state government for about eleven years.  Ms. Sconyers has worked in the  Chester Clinic since 2005, first as a CAF therapist, then as an adult therapist.

She is now the Director of Adult Services at the Chester Clinic, supervising the adult clinicians and support staff.  In this financial climate where some staff has to wear many hats, Ms. Sconyers has been assigned several new responsibilities.  These include Crisis Liaison, TLC   Coordinator, CRCF Liaison, and Housing Coordinator.  Ms. Sconyers serves as the gatekeeper for the 100 HUD funded apartments that are available for the clients at Catawba CMHC.  She has taken on each of her new responsibilities with grace and enthusiasm.  Dr. Paul Cornely, Executive Director, stated, “I honestly do not know what we would have done without Kim coordinating our TLC Program.  She saved our bacon on more than one occasion through her focused, client-centered approach and her fantastic organizational skills.”

In addition to all of the things mentioned above, Ms. Sconyers has a caseload of 70 clients, as her first love in the mental health field is her clients.  She   will often make home visits if her clients cannot come in to see her, and Ms. Sconyers will visit the jail and the hospital ER in emergent situations to see the clients. 

Several months ago, Ms. Sconyers was involved in an accident at her home.  In this accident she broke her ankle in several places and was not permitted to drive or work.  Ms. Sconyers may have broken her ankle but not her spirit.  She called regularly to check on her clients and finally returned to work in a wheelchair.  Did that slow her down or ease that ever present warm smile from her face?

No, never complaining, Ms. Sconyers returned to what she does best, working with the clients.  “I love my job.” says Ms. Sconyers.  “I am just grateful to be able to help individuals secure safe housing and partner with them to improve the quality of their lives.”  There is no wonder, Mr. Cornely hand-picked Ms. Sconyers as being Catawba CMHC’s most Outstanding Employee. 

Charleston/Dorchester MHC

Ms. Ester Hennessee,  Human Services Coordinator IIMs. Ester Hennessee, a Human Services Coordinator II, has been selected to represent Charleston/Dorchester MHC as their most Outstanding Employee.  In 1997, Ms. Hennessee was hired as a school-based counselor, but is currently the director of CDMHC’s Special Operations Division.  What does that mean exactly?  She oversees all of the innovative, creative, almost one of a kind programs that CDMHC is known for, such as Mobile Crisis, the Psychiatric Urgent Care, the Highway to Hope RV Project, Mental Health Court, Detention Center Services, DJJ Services, Low Country Children’s Center Services, and 3 ACT-Like Teams.  Until it officially ended, Ms. Hennessee was also over the Charleston’s COSIG project.  Yes, Ms. Hennessee certainly does have her hands full!

To be in this type of position, a person has to be incredibly flexible, approachable, diplomatic, energetic, and very, very knowledgeable about the SCDMH system, as well as numerous other systems that intersect with the SCDMH.  Ms. Hennessee fits this unique description to a “T!”  On a daily basis she has to work side-by-side with judges, cops, and private hospital staff, as well as clients and their families.  She sees them when they are in crisis, in need of guidance and safe resolution.  She has to balance client needs with center needs and community, needs being ever mindful of community safety.

Ms. Hennessee has earned the trust of countless individuals in the Charleston community – everyone from individuals barricaded in trailers to law enforcement across the area.  Ask almost any cop in Charleston about the MHC, and they’ll surely be singing Ms. Hennessee’s praises at some point in the conversation.  It isn’t uncommon for a police chief or a sheriff to call Ms. Hennessee directly for her to evaluate one of their officers who is in need of a crisis intervention – yes, that is how much they trust her.

COSIG taught her how to help those with co-occurring disorders and find the path to recovery.  As a result of the COSIG project, Ms. Hennessee trains other staff on the needs of those diagnosed with co-occurring disorders.  She exudes empathy to those clients that in the past were ping-ponged back and forth between our system and DAODAS.  She exemplifies the “no-wrong door” concept of COSIG.  If you show up on any of Ms. Hennessee’s “doorsteps,” you will get the help you need when you need it.  She has ensured that the staff in her line of report has embraced those very same concepts.  They do whatever it takes to get someone the help that is needed.  They have a motto that speaks for itself – “if you have a need, we have the speed.”

Nope, Ms. Hennessee is not perfect, nor a saint.  Because of her passion for the work she does, she can be accused of “beating a dead horse” when it comes to her frustration with some of the barriers inherent in a giant bureaucracy.  She is not fond of the hoops that she occasionally has to jump through to get something worthwhile accomplished, and she is known to express her displeasure.  Her passion is fiery, and has been known to burn those who get in her way or try to stop her from meeting the needs of those we serve.

Ms. Hennessee is the one you want fighting for our mission, and for our cause.  She cares about what happens to people, and she doesn’t sleep until folks are safe.  Ms. Hennessee takes call with Mobile Crisis for about 2 weeks a month, every month, for the past 7 years…can you imagine?  Now, that is dedication!  While the rest of us are sleeping, she is finding a hospital bed for someone in need, or helping a parent to understand the needs of her newly diagnosed 19 year old son.  Ms. Hennessee is there for the classmates and teachers of a student who has lost his fight against depression and has committed suicide.

Ms. Hennessee is also a trained crisis negotiator and responds to critical incidents with law enforcement.  Cops depend upon her to help them safely resolve potentially explosive situations….and she does.  I’ve seen her work her magic on the top of the Ravenell Bridge as she “talked” down a desperate young woman who wanted to end her own life.  To watch her on a critical incident would make anyone associated with SCDMH proud.  She is focused, caring, professional, and most importantly, effective. 

Ms. Hennessee also is frequently called upon to train law enforcement about mental health issues.  She does such an outstanding job that this year she was asked to deliver a 40 hour crisis negotiation training to about 20 cops from multiple local jurisdictions.  She also trains with those same officers and about 20 more monthly on issues facing crisis negotiators.  Ms. Hennessee’s collective efforts have resulted in more knowledgeable law enforcement safely and successfully working folks in psychiatric crisis.  Her efforts are so appreciated by law enforcement, that the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office presented her with an award for all of her efforts.  How many mental health staff can say the same?

Ms. Hennessee’s contributions have made Charleston and Dorchester Counties a better place to live.  She has made them a safer place to live.  Ms. Hennessee is the one you want representing the South Carolina Department of Mental Health and all that we stand for in fight for the recovery of those we serve.

Coastal Empire CMHC

Ms. Judy L. Birchenough, Information Resource Consultant IMs. Judy L. Birchenough, Information Resource Consultant I, has been selected to represent Coastal Empire Community Mental Health Center as their Outstanding Employee of the year.  Ms. Birchenough has been with Coastal Empire CMHC since March 3, 1993, working her way diligently from an administrativesupport staff position to her current position of Information Resource Consultant I.  Ms. Birchenough is ever-friendly and always helpful.  She can always be counted on to fit the many information technology demands and request into an already overwhelming schedule.   With her being the only information technology staff, she is spread out over five counties, serving eight locations.  Ms. Birchenough seems to always be hauling, lifting, carting or ushering in new equipment. 

Ms. Birchenough’s encouraging and hopeful disposition and dedication to teaching the staff has ensured that the staff’s skills and level of computer sophistication continues to expand and improve, in order to be able to better complete various job tasks.  Some of Ms. Birchenough’s accomplishments are as follows:  1) assisted with the implementation and on-going staff support with technical issues surrounding EMR, 2) implemented EMR “paperless system” by installing and supporting many scanner and signature pads, 3) serves as Office Communicator, and 4) implemented and upgraded the new VOIP telephone system.  Those are just a few of the notches under her belt; she has accomplished so many things at Coastal Empire CMHC.

Ms. Birchenough’s technical skills extend outside the information technology arena.     She designs and runs various reports, transporting mail, and assisting the administrative staff.  She is often observed working after her shift has ended, on the weekends, and even on holidays. She doesn’t even mind when she is called about technical issues while out on approved leave.  Ms. Birchenough’s motto is, “Whatever I can do to keep the center running, I will do.” and she does. 

On a personal note, Ms. Birchenough often volunteers at her daughter’s school.  She is active with Girl Scouts, and she volunteers at our State Parks and local library.  It’s very easy to see why she has been selected as their 2011 nominee. 

Columbia Area MHC

Ms. Betty D. Frazier, Fiscal Technician IIMs. Betty D. Frazier, Fiscal Technician II, is the Outstanding Employee for Columbia Area MHC.  She has dedicated over thirteen years of service to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.  There are so many reasons Ms. Frazier was chosen to represent Columbia Area MHC as their Outstanding Employee.  It is hard to sum up into words the value she has to the Center.  Dependable, loyal, exceptional work ethic and a “would do anything for you” attitude are just a few ways to describe her.  Some of the comments that have been said concerning Ms. Frazier are: “People don’t realize how involved Betty has been in making sure the EMR has gone as smoothly as possible;”   “Our billing continues to remain constant due to the vigilance Betty puts into making sure the job gets done;” and “There is no better way to show our appreciation than to award her Staff Member of the Year!” 

Many in the Business Office call Ms. Frazier “mom” because she is truly like a mother to her employees.  She cares about them.  Many times she works late to help someone finish something or picks up the slack when there are vacancies.  Ms. Frazier always goes the extra mile, literally.  If you need to be picked up because your car died or is in the shop, you can bet Ms. Frazier will be there. 

So much emphasis is put on the clinicians, and while they are extremely important, Columbia Area MHC would not be able to financially survive without the behind-the-scenes work of Ms. Frazier and her entire team.  Ms. Frazier is not one to seek out praise for her hard work; she just does everything she can to help out Columbia Area MHC. 

In the last fiscal year, the Center’s budget continued to be reduced significantly.  Because of the efforts of Ms. Frazier and her staff, Columbia Area MHC’s Medicaid Billing and recapture of funds helped the Center finish with a $354,000 fund balance. 

Ms. Frazier always puts in the extra effort to take care of any issues in a timely and professional manner without complaint.  She is an awesome person with a big heart.  She is dedicated to the Center and takes her responsibilities very seriously.  Ms. Frazier works very hard and seems to truly love her job.  No wonder she has been selected to represent Columbia Area Mental Health Center. 

Greenville MHC

Ms. Rhonda L. Anthony, Human Services Coordinator IIMs. Rhonda L. Anthony, Human Services Coordinator II, has been nominated as Greenville Mental Health Center’s Outstanding Employee of the Year. Ms. Anthony came to Greenville MHC in 2002 after serving for years in county alcohol and drug treatment programs.  This year marks Ms. Anthony’s tenth year serving Hollis Academy through Greenville Mental Health Center.  In the ten years, Ms. Anthony has become an essential member of the school family, the mental health team and the Community served by the school.  Also, during her time at Greenville Mental Health Center, Ms. Anthony has ascended to a Chief Mental Health Counselor; she supervises the elementary school services for the Center’s school-based team.  Greenville Mental Health Center serves eleven elementary schools in the Greenville County, and Ms. Anthony is the key leader among the elementary school’s therapists.

Ms. Anthony’s compassion, humility, intellect and skills have led to the recovery of hundreds of children and families.  Under the professional leadership of Ms. Anthony the Center’s school-based programs have expanded throughout Greenville County School District.  She has developed close partnerships with the schools.  School staff continuously brags about Ms. Anthony.  Her very own staff states that Ms. Anthony is supportive, caring, and available; she is a helpful supervisor who takes pride in her team.   Ms. Anthony has been an asset to Grenville Mental Health Center and the SCDMH.  She is worthy of recognition for her outstanding  accomplishments.  That’s why she has been named "outstanding employee" for Greenville Mental Health Center.

Lexington County CMHC

Mr. Michael T. Shull, Information Resource Consultant II Lexington County CMHC is more than honored to have Mr. Michael T. Shull, Information Resource Consultant II represent them as Employee of the Year. He has been with the South Carolina Department of Mental Health a little over fourteen years. Mr. Shull is a very efficient, diligent, humble, hard-working employee. He is always immediately responsive when any staff member experience computer or system difficulties. Mr. Shull comes in very early and hits the ground running. He checks the server and system before anyone else even gets to work in order to ensure everything is ready to go for all of the clinical and administrative staff. Mr. Shull has come into work at midnight to reboot the system after upgrades. He has even come into work on his day off to fix issues that need attending so staff members can get their jobs done.

Mr. Shull is an extremely dedicated and loyal employee. He is also a very personable and friendly enhancement to the Lexington County CMHC. Mr. Shull goes about his job with a personal touch, making each person that he deals with feel unique. No one hesitates to call on Mr. Shull when his assistance is needed. He never makes anyone feel that their questions are dumb or that they are somehow inadequate for asking. Mr. Shull willingly accepts new challenges. When Lexington County CMHC needed to upgrade to a new phone system, Mr. Shull happily accepted the assignment and spent many hours making sure that the new system would work for all users. He does any assignment without ever complaining. Mr. Shull is extremely well respected by all his fellow staff members. These are but a few of the reasons why Lexington County CMHC is proud to nominate Mr. Shull the SCDMH Employee of the Year.

Orangeburg Area MHC

Ms. Cassandra K. Keller, Human Services Coordinator IMs. Cassandra K. Keller, Human Services Coordinator I, has been named Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center’s Outstanding Employee of the Year. Ms. Keller is a native of St. Matthews, SC, and she has been employed with Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center since April of 2008 as a Mental Health Professional in the Children and Adolescent Unit. Prior to her employment with Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center, Ms. Keller was employed with Family CASA systems for six years. She was also employed with the Attorney General’s Office.

With over twenty-five years of human services experience, Ms. Keller has been an outstanding advocate who leads by example. She is definitely an asset to the Children and Adolescent Unit of Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center. Ms. Keller avails herself before the workday begins and after it ends to ensure the needs of her clients are met. She spends numerous hours to ensure that the Summer Enrichment Program continues to be a great success. Ms. Keller has been very instrumental in obtaining influential speakers from the community to share their success stories with the clients. She has referred families to various agencies to obtain assistance with Medicaid, utilities, food and many other items. As a result, her clients have benefited through increased self-esteem, as well as having their basic needs met. Ms. Keller provides great leadership skills and sets an example that influences her co-workers to provide quality services to their clients. She exhibits the “Whatever It Takes” attitude on a daily basis. Ms. Keller can always be counted on at any time to go above and beyond what is required of her. Because of her commitment and dedication, Ms. Keller strives to serve her clients to the best of her ability.

Orangeburg Area Mental Health Center is very proud to have Ms. Keller represent their Center.

Pee Dee MHC

Ms. Florence Uchendu, Human Services Coordinator IIMs. Florence Uchendu, Human Services Coordinator II, has been nominated as the most Outstanding Employee for Pee Dee MHC. She has 19 years of service with Pee Dee MHC. It has been said that Ms. Uchendu is the Center’s most productive clinician in terms of clinical service hours performed. She also supervises two employees who likewise meet their service requirements on a consistent basis. It has also been reported that Ms. Uchendu goes above and beyond the call of duty with each of her clients for the betterment of their health. For example, if that means working the traditional 8:30 to 5 schedule, Ms. Uchendu will adjust her schedule.

In a number of EMT and budget meetings, Ms. Uchendu name comes up as the example of one who understands the importance of putting forth effort to assist the Center in meeting its financial objectives and goals. Ms. Uchendu clearly epitomizes what hard work and dedication is all about when it comes to making positive clinical decisions with children, parents, school officials and agencies.

Ms. Uchendu is not a selfish person. She does a lot of community work in the Florence area and surrounding counties. Pee Dee MHC feels that if you want an Outstanding Employee of the Year that has exceptional job attitude, excellent job performance, superb productivity, is an outstanding team player, gives extraordinary support to clients, works exceptionally well with all staff, is creative in getting the job accomplished and is overall a workaholic, then you want Ms. Uchendu.

Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services

Ms. Margaret M. Colquhoun, Program Coordinator IIMs. Margaret M. Colquhoun, Program Coordinator II, has been selected as the most Outstanding Employee at Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services. She has worked for state government for twenty-one years. Her career at the Center began after completing her graduate degree in counseling. Ms. Colquhoun started her mental health career working in the adult out-patient unit providing emergency services and on-going treatment. She has also worked for Pre-trial Intervention and the SC Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon. Currently, Ms. Colquhoun serves as the Quality Assurance Coordinator for Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services, although she is called upon to wear many hats and carry many loads.

While working in the Simpsonville Clinic, Ms. Colquhoun developed a passion for the chronically mentally ill. After working in the Simpsonville Clinic, it was evident that Ms. Colquhoun had natural leadership skills. Her next assignment was Director of the  Cross- roads Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program located in Piedmont. During her tenure at Crossroads, the census consistently grew and the program began to evolve into a community service model. Focusing on the clients’ strengths, Ms. Colquhoun encouraged normalizing activities such as volunteering for meals on wheels and other community service projects. She encouraged self-sufficiency and helped the clients start a consumer managed SHARE group that met weekly at the Crossroads Clubhouse.

Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services turned to Ms. Colquhoun when a new start was needed in one of their residential psychosocial programs. She brought with her new strategies for motivating the staff and clients. Her presence was a breath of fresh air that invigorated what had become a stale repetitive program. One of Ms. Colquhoun’s greatest achievements was the implementation of an onsite convenience store where clients could spend token money they earned for making progress in meeting their clinical goals. Many clients attributed the self-esteem this program created in them for their successful move into the community.

Once again, Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services  had to turn to Ms. Colquhoun. The Center needed her expertise and leadership skills to head an increasingly complex quality management program. Ms. Colquhoun’s role as Quality Management Coordinator expanded her positive influence throughout the Center. She led the Center through difficult changes in how services were delivered and documented. Ms. Colquhoun, being a stickler for detail, motivated everyone to do their best. Staff members can always count on her for encouragement. Ms. Colquhoun approached her role in quality management as she did in working with clients, always focusing on the positive.

Ms. Colquhoun is an outstanding clinician, advocate and teacher. Her positive influence has motivated clients and staff members alike to be their very best. Ms. Colquhoun also serves as the Center’s client advocate. She is always willing to listen to the complaints of the clients, hear their needs and help to resolve any issues concerning patient care. A letter of appreciation for sharing concerns is sent to every client or family member calling on Ms. Colquhoun as client advocate. They know she cares.

Ms. Colquhoun is married to Dr. Steve Colquhoun, DVM. They are the parents of two “canine” children. Ms. Colquhoun enjoys thrift shopping and purses. She is a member of Alder’s Gate United Methodist Church where she has attended services since age seven. She is actively involved in many church activities. In addition, Ms. Colquhoun has been involved with the March of Dimes and other volunteer activities in the community. Piedmont Center for Mental Health Services proudly announces Ms. Colquhoun as their most Outstanding Employee for 2011.

Santee-Wateree CMHC

Mr. Glen S. Ross, Information Resource Consultant IMr. Glen S. Ross, Information Resource Consultant I, has been selected as Santee-Wateree CMHC’s employee of the year. He has worked for the Center for over sixteen years.

Mr. Ross has demonstrated his strong knowledge of computer science and his ability to apply it to real life solutions on many occasions. It took much more than technical skills to earn him the respect and admiration of his fellow employees.

Mr. Ross is probably best known agency-wide as being the person who worked collaboratively with a team at Santee-Wateree CMHC but single-handedly wrote the code for the first prototype of the electronic medical record, which is now used in all seventeen centers statewide. Mr. Ross’ initial concept development for the electronic medical record probably saved the SC Department of Mental Health tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over purchasing a comparable commercially produced software product.

Mr. Ross’ ability to understand the practical techniques needed to provide desired outcomes has constantly saved administrative time and allowed valuable and pertinent information to be presented in real time to both the senior management team and the front-line supervisors of the Santee-Wateree CMHC. He makes everyone’s job easier. In short, Mr. Ross knows how to listen to what people need and then put his computer skills to work to design a product that meet those needs. Perhaps more importantly, he volunteers to do this on a regular basis. For example, When the SC Department of Mental Health‘s online module could no longer be used to report staff productivity, Mr. Ross investigated the situation and concluded he could provide information in a real-time environment. He then began the challenge of implementing a system using Windows Server 2000. He loaded Microsoft access on the server, loaded Informix tables through the access data base, and finally programed the ASP pages to the SC Department of Mental Health’s transaction table. The results are that the senior management team and front line supervisors can get updated productivity results daily, allowing staff and supervisors to update all needed adjustments to productivity in a timely fashion. The best part of this professional solution is that the procedure can be programmed to compute the productivity for all centers, once the various aspects of their productivity is provided.

Mr. Ross continues to demonstrate an ability to apply computer techniques to complex problems and find inexpensive solutions. We value Mr. Ross for consistently providing the Center with excellent information technology, support, and for saving administrative support time during a challenging financial environment. Mr. Ross allows Santee-Wateree CMHC to do more with less, which has been a necessity for everyone. These are just a few of the many reasons Mr. Ross has been selected as Santee-Wateree CMHC’s 2011 Employee of the Year.

Spartanburg Area MHC

Ms. Felicia G. Mack, Administrative Specialist IIIt is with great honor that Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center recognizes Ms. Felicia G. Mack, Administrative Specialist II, as their 2011 Outstanding Employee of the Year. Here is what Spartanburg Area MHC had to say about Ms. Mack: “It is a pleasure for our Center to nominate Ms. Felicia Mack for the State Outstanding Employee Award. Ms. Mack started as a temporary employee November 3, 2008, and was hired full time January 19, 2010. During this time, Ms. Mack has proven herself to be a dedicated employee to both this Center and our clients. She is an honest, dependable employee with a tremendous dedication to her job responsibilities. Ms. Mack is a “team player” who works well with her peers, nursing staff, clinical staff, and physicians. She is always willing to help in any area needed. Ms. Mack has a good knowledge of policies and procedures, and works hard to ensure her duties are performed under those guidelines. Ms. Mack deals with each situation with a smile no matter how stressful something might be. Above all, Ms. Mack can be described as “concerned.” She shows a genuine concern for both staff and clients. She works diligently to ensure that everything possible is being done to meet our Clients’ needs. She gives each and every Client her full attention and demonstrates a caring and positive attitude of help.

On a personal note, Ms. Mack is married to her husband of three years, Charles. She is an extremely active member of the Upper Shady Grove Baptist Church in Wellford, SC. She is President of the Gospel Choir, Vice President of the Trustees, Assistant Secretary for the Finance Committee, and a Sunday School Teacher in the Youth Department. Her hobbies are shopping, reading and gospel singing. Ms. Mack also states she loves to spend time with her family.

Again, it is a pleasure to nominate someone as outstanding as Ms. Mack!”

Tri-County CMHC

Ms. Rebecca E. Black, Registered Nurse IIMs. Rebecca E. Black, Registered Nurse II, has been nominated for the 2011 Outstanding Employee of the Year by Tri-County CMHC. Ms. Black has worked for Tri-County CMHC for over seventeen years. During this time her co-workers have formed their opinion of her and the work that she does. They state, “Becky Black gives 110% to any challenge that faces her. She has worked diligently to help our clients receive the services they need, and has done so with compassionate caring and is always the professional. She has been a mentor for new nurses, taking the time to answer questions and supporting newer staff in getting a good start. Becky has a smile on her face and was described by a co-worker as inspiring. She is not afraid to advocate for clients and for nurses.

In 2011, Becky has provided needed leadership in the Chesterfield Clinic, serving as the interim Clinic Director. She has dealt with client and staff issues utilizing the knowledge and skills that come both from her years of experience and from the ability to be a caregiver who truly cares for others. As Becky leaves her interim duties as Clinic Director, she will Chair the Center’s Nursing Committee.” Tri-County CMHC is more than happy to allow Ms. Black to represent their Center as their 2011 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

Waccamaw Center for Mental Health

Ms. Robert Ann Johnson, Human Services Specialist IIWaccamaw Center for Mental Health has selected Ms. Robert Ann Johnson, Human Services Specialist II, as their Outstanding Employee. Ms. Johnson has been employed at the Waccamaw Center for Mental Health for over eleven years and currently serves clients at Good Samaritan, a CRCF. She takes pride in her work and accomplishes her responsibilities to the very best of her ability. Ms. Johnson encourages her clients to do their very best and helps them understand the importance of learning to develop positive independent living skills. She counsels them one on one and gives them positive advice. Ms. Johnson is equally as encouraging with the staff.

Ms. Johnson is married and has two children. She is very involved in the community. She organized the 100 Youths in Jeans, which is a program used in her church and other churches with the goal to bring youth together to worship God in songs, drama, praise dancing and much more. Ms. Johnson is also involved with the Caring and Sharing Ministry, which has the goal of sharing with the needy people within the community. Another program Ms. Johnson is involved in is the Birthday Ministry. This ministry allows members of her church to know they are a blessing. Ms. Johnson takes the members’ pictures and purchase a cake for the members that have a birthday that month. All of this is done with no expense to the church. Waccamaw Center for Mental Health is very proud to have Ms. Johnson as their most Outstanding Employee of 2011.

BPH Adult Services

Dr. Rhonwyn Carson-Moore, Chief Psychologist, represents BPH Adult Services as their 2011 Outstanding Employee of the Year. She has dedicated almost 19 years of service to the SCDMH. Just to name a few of the attributes that make Dr. Carson-Moore an outstanding Psychologist: she is an excellent problem solver, has impeccable social skills, and a joy to work with. Dr. Carson-Moore’s wise counsel and consideration of policy and planning is often sought after prior to a decision being made. She proactively seeks to help other staff members. Dr. Carson-Moore always has a positive attitude and outlook. She is a benefit that the patients need. Dr. Carson- Moore has great psychological skills in therapy, testing, coordination and much more. It is a great pleasure to be able to honor Dr. Rhonwyn Carson-Moore on today. It has been stated that she is an outstanding employee and richly deserves this recognition.

BPH/Forensic Services

Ms. Judy K. DuPree, Human Services Coordinator IIMs. Judy K. DuPree, Human Services Coordinator II, has been selected as the Forensic Services’ most Outstanding Employee. She has worked for the SCDMH for a little over twenty-five years. Ms. DuPree is dedicated, dependable and hard working. She is always friendly and kindhearted to staff and patients. She is an exceptional social worker; to be honest, she is an exceptional person. Ms. DuPree has served in varying capacities throughout her career at the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. She has supervised the KIVA Project and is a very experienced caseload manager. Ms. DuPree continuously displays the knowledge and expertise required of her position. She is often found at work with a friendly and fervent sense of humor, bringing a smile to those around her, the staff and patients. Ms. DuPree has defined her work as a true calling on her life and feels truly blessed to be able to contribute a positive difference in the lives of her clients.

Ms. DuPree displays a positive attitude on the job as well as in the community. In her community, she is heavily involved in her church and serves as a deaconess, choir member and vacation bible school teacher. Ms. DuPree has served as a field preceptor for graduate interns in social work. She is also a PRN Social Worker at Three Rivers Behavioral Health Hospital. It is with great pleasure that Forensics Services announces Ms. Dupree as their 2011 Outstanding Employee of the year.

C.M. Tucker, Jr., Nursing Care Center

Ms. Tammy R. Macon-Lindsay, Administrative Assistant, has been nominated as C.M. Tucker 2011 Employee of the Year. Ms. Macon-Lindsay has dedicated over twenty-three years of service to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health. Currently she works as the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Nursing, which is a very demanding position that she handles every day with a smile. Everyone knows of her dedication and how helpful she is within the capacity of her job. Ms. Macon-Lindsay is always professional and willing to assist anyone needing her help.

She is the “go to person” for almost everything that comes into the Director of Nursing’s office. If she doesn’t know the answer, you can bet that Ms. Macon-Lindsay will find out the answer. Last year when the nursing department needed a system for pathlore, recruitment, retention, CNA training program and annual competency, Ms. Macon-Lindsay developed a tracking system that assisted the nursing department to recruit a full staff of CNAs. She advocates for the clients and willingly assists the clients.

The clients know Ms. Macon-Lindsay by name; they trust and respect her. Many times you can see her going out of her way to push a wheelchair challenged client to his or her unit. Ms. Macon-Lindsay understands how important family visits are to the clients. When she sees a family member who appears to be lost, she escorts them to the unit where the client resides. Ms. Macon Lindsay is honest, trustworthy and displays her positive attitude even when circumstances are not favorable. She is not afraid of challenges, as she adapts well to changes. She is a team player and builder who tries to bring forth the best in an individual’s strength. Ms. Macon-Lindsay is not easily influenced or intimidated. There is no job too big for her to handle. Ms. Macon-Lindsay has a tender, compassionate heart. Her work ethics support the facility’s mission of achieving excellence in long-term care within our community.

Nursing service is very grateful to have an administrative assistant who is compassionate about her job. Despite the numerous job duties with demanding responsibilities, Ms. Macon-Lindsay goes the extra mile every day. She is genuinely interested and concerned about others and epitomizes what an outstanding employee should be.

DIS/Centralized Services

Ms. Jeanne McGee, Administrative Specialist IIMs. Jeanne McGee, Administrative Specialist II, has been nominated to represent the Division of Centralized Services. Ms. McGee has over 19 years of service with the SCDMH. She serves as the Judicial Procession Coordinator, serving as an intermediate between DIS and the many probate courts of South Carolina. Ms. McGee is always organized, making the probate process flow smoothly. There has not been one day that Ms. McGee was not prepared with the huge amount of paperwork needed for each court date. She always greets you with a smile.

She is patient while waiting for the designated exam reports. Ms. McGee knows how to professionally remind the examiners when items are due. She is quick to take on special requests, which often arise when dealing with the clients and the courts. She uncomplainingly delivers hearing notices to our patients in person, going from cottage to cottage, regardless of the weather or how busy she may be and then takes time to explain to the parents how the probate process works. Ms. McGee is always able to balance being a professional in her duties with genuine caring for the patients she serves. Ms. McGee is always willing to assist in any way she can when needed and is a vital part of the DIS family.

It is with great pleasure that DIS Centralized Services take time to honor Ms. McGee.

Morris Village

Mr. Cleophus Morris,  Human Services Specialist IIMorris Village is proud to have Mr. Cleophus Morris as their Outstanding Employee. Mr. Morris is a Human Services Specialist II at Morris Village, and has rendered services to the State of South Carolina for over seventeen years. Currently, Mr. Morris is the Interim Team D Coordinator at Morris Village. Previously, he was a school teacher, worked at the SC Department of Corrections and worked for LRADAC.

Mr. Morris’ two biggest strengths are his ability to lead a group of employees and provide strong patient care. His ability to work well with staff, offering them creative incentives and motivation during these difficult economic times is extremely valuable. The fact that he provides patient care in a direct and original way gives him the opportunity to be “in the trenches” with his staff. Mr. Morris is a supervisor that steps in; provides all direct care services from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on one day each week and tells his staff that this is their day to do paperwork, return calls, work on preparing for the upcoming weeks and in some respects, catches their breaths. All of these things garner respect - a lot of respect. Mr. Morris continuously provides great work to his employer and exceptional services to the clients served at Morris Village.

Mr. Morris is married to Ms. Kathy Morris and they have one child, a daughter named Ms. Dawn Morris. Being 6’4” and looking like a gentle giant, this employee would never give you the impression that he is a man of the arts. Mr. Morris is passionate about attending plays and ballets. He is a master chef and an outdoorsman that knows how to hang glide. Mr. Morris also gives a lot of attention to his fish, parrots, and plants. If you want a glimpse into how a workplace can be elevated to a higher level, all you have to do is introduce yourself to Mr. Morris. He has definitely contributed to the improvement at Morris Village. Mr. Morris has definitely earned the honor of being Morris Village’s 2011 Outstanding Employee.

Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital

Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital has selected Ms. Wendy R. Stevens, Information Resource Consultant I, as their Outstanding Employee. Ms. Stevens has worked for the SCDMH for over twenty-one years. She was nominated by her peers at Harris Psychiatric Hospital for the outstanding work that she does in the IT department. It has been said that Ms. Stevens is a whiz at what she does. She always takes on other responsibilities outside of her job requirements. Ms. Stevens is definitely a model employee. She is admired among her peers and she is an asset to Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital. Ms. Stevens can always be counted on when she is needed.

On a personal note, Ms. Stevens is a member of Lakeview Baptist Church in Greenwood. She enjoys going to church and participating in different activities at her church. Her hobbies include: photography, scrapbooking, reading and spending time with family and friends. Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital is proud to have Ms. Stevens represent them.

Sexual Violent Predators Treatment Program

Ms. Monica E. Eddy, Registered Nurse IIMs. Monica E. Eddy, Registered Nurse II, represents SVPTP as their Outstanding Employee. She is known throughout the Sexual Violent Predators Treatment Program for her compassion and energy. Ms. Eddy is always courteous and helpful to others, giving the clients the utmost respect. She is highly respected by her peers as well as the clients. Recently, Ms. Eddy was named the Charge Nurse for the PM shift. With this increase in job responsibilities, she has continued to strive for excellence in problem-solving and patient care. Never complaining, Ms. Eddy works different shifts, providing care where ever she is needed. She is a very positive person, who has made countless contributions to the Sexual Violent Predators Treatment Program. Her contributions to nursing have been immeasurable. Ms. Eddy cannot be given enough praise and accolade for the wonderful job that she does each day.

For these reasons and many others that there is just not enough time to tell of, the Sexual Violent Predators Treatment Program takes great pleasure in calling Ms. Eddy their 2011 Outstanding Employee of the Year.

WSHPI/Child & Adolescent Division

Ms. Jenkins, Nurse Administrator/Manager IIWilliam S. Hall Psychiatric Institute is honored to have Ms. Kathy J. Jenkins represent them as their 2011 Outstanding Employee of the Year. Ms. Jenkins is a Nurse Administrator/Manager II with over twenty-one years of service at the SCDMH. Currently, she is the Director of Nursing for William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute, which is the highest nursing position at the facility. Ms. Jenkins works closely with her staff to ensure that the facility is staffed at a level that provides a safe environment for the patients and staff. She frequently performs near miracles, by obtaining staff to cover units when it appeared no one was available. Ms. Jenkins engenders loyalty; staff is willing to work even when they were scheduled to be off. She treats her staff with respect and fairness. Not shy about anything, Ms. Jenkins call things as she sees them, and she is direct, but professional when correcting an employee or taking disciplinary action.

Ms. Jenkins juggles many responsibilities effortlessly. She complies and track many reports; all of the paperwork for filling positions comes from her office. She oversees daily, weekly and monthly staffing plans for the units. Although Ms. Jenkins always plans ahead, she has the ability to be flexible and adapt to last minute changes. She works well with the other facility leaders. Ms. Jenkins’ great sense of humor helps her and others to deal with frustrations that come as part of the job position.

In addition to the wonderful job she does for the facility, she is a great mother to her sons, Jonathan and Jeremy. Jeremy is a football player enrolled at Benedict College. Like a good mother, she is there at his games to cheer him and his team on. She supports him in his studies, but also allows him the independence he needs to continue to grow up. Jonathan is in middle school and Ms. Jenkins is helping him to navigate that awkward time when boys and girls are starting to look at each other with romantic eyes.

Ms. Jenkins is actively involved with her church. She also helps to care for her aging mother. When Ms. Jenkins is not busy taking care of everyone else, she enjoys Zumba classes. From staff to family, Ms. Jenkins is a great individual to be around. That’s why she has been selected to represent William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute as their 2011 Employee of the Year.