Disaster Preparedness & Response

SCDMH is involved in Disaster Preparedness & Response. SCDMH sends staff to State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) who are tasked with providing information and resources to local Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) and key emergency Support Function (ESF) staff. SCDMH does not manage the incident but supports those who do through:

  • Immediate Response:
    • Information and Planning  (Public Information Phone System)
    • Mass Care  (Shelter Support)
    • Health and Medical (Site for Potential Evacuees, Special Medical Needs Shelters)
    • Support local CMHCs - Until Staff Affected by Disaster are able to Return to Work.

  • The Long Term Recovery - Crisis Counseling Teams are:
    • Strengths Based
    • Outreach Oriented
    • Assumes Natural Resilience & Competence
    • Culturally Competent
    • Not Diagnostic nor Clinical
    • Nontraditional Settings
    • Bolsters Community Support Systems