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TO:             Facility Superintendents/Directors Facility Administrators

SUBJECT:  Functions and Responsibilities of the Coordinator of Public Safety-Security

I.     Purpose

The purpose of this directive is to delineate the functions and responsibilities of the position of Coordinator of Public Safety-Security. Since the functions and responsibilities of this position are of considerable importance to the operation of this Department and its facilities and cut across normal organizational lines, it is essential that they are fully understood. Additionally, it is extremely important that the staff of each facility and organizational component give their full cooperation to the incumbent in this position to insure that he may discharge his duties and responsibilities as effectively as possible.

II.      General

The Coordinator of Public Safety-Security is the Department of Mental Health's principal law enforcement and safety official. In this capacity he has the responsibility for the general supervision and coordination of all law enforcement, investigative, safety, disaster preparedness, vehicle management, and energy conservation programs within the Department and its facilities. The Coordinator of Public Safety-Security is responsible to and reports directly to the Deputy Commissioner of Administrative Services.

III.      Functions and Responsibilities

The Coordinator of Public Safety-Security has been assigned responsibility .for coordinating the following programs and activities within each facility and organizational component of the Department of Mental Health. Additionally, he may be assigned other functions or responsibilities on special occasions as situations develop or circumstances dictate.

A.      Law Enforcement, Security, Traffic Control, and Investigative Programs.

B.      Employee and Patient Safety Programs, including the Workman's

C.      Vehicle Management Program, including Vehicle Liability Insurance Coverage
          and Vehicle Accident Reporting. -

D.     Disaster Management and Civil Defense Programs.

E.      Energy Management and Conservation Programs.

F.      Radio Communications.

The Coordinator of Public Safety-Security has the responsibility for planning, organizing and coordinating the functions and activities associated with each of the above programs. He will develop standards and procedures for operations, recommend policies, and establish reporting methods to insure adequate documentation of essential activities and completion of required reports. On a regular and continuing basis he will review operations with the appropriate personnel at each facility to ascertain their problems and needs and provide assistance. Additionally, he will coordinate the employment of new personnel in these program areas and make the necessary arrangements for their orientation and required training with the appropriate agencies. The Coordinator of Public Safety Security will also develop and maintain liaison and cooperation with federal, state and local law enforcement and other agencies related to areas for which he has functional responsibility.

In addition to these major areas of responsibility, the Coordinator of Public Safety-Security will conduct special and confidential investigations in facilities and organizational components of' the Department when directed by the State Commissioner of Mental Health and/or the Deputy Commissioner, Administrative Services, or as requested by facility superintendents, directors, or administrators. When indicated he shall prepare a report of his findings and recommendations and submit it to the official requesting the investigation. Except in highly unusual situations or circumstances, as determined by the State Commissioner of Mental Health, facility superintendents/directors and administrators will be advised when an investigation is to be conducted in their facility.

IV.     Rescissions

This directive rescinds all previous directives and memorandums pertaining to this subject.

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October 11, 1977