Columbia, South Carolina





TO:             Facility Superintendents and Directors

SUBJECT:   Procedure for Evaluation of Frcility Compliance Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act  of 1964

The Department of Mental Health is committed to a program of compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In order to preclude violations of this Act, each Departmental facility will conduct a continuing evaluation of compliance activities. An official of each facility will be assigned the additional responsibility of coordinating this activity.

To assist with this program, a compliance check list has been developed. This check list, which is attached, will be used as a guide by the person assigned the responsibility of making compliance evaluations. It is not necessary to fill out this check list or send it to anyone. However, it should be closely followed as a guide and a record kept of the findings disclosed by the evaluation survey. Additional items may be added to the check list at the discretion of the official making the evaluation.

Compliance evaluations should be accomplished by review of records, observation and interviews. Interviews should be held with personnel and patients to detemine that there is compliance in the physical facilities, among the personnel and in the providing of services. Any indications that discrimination may have possibly occurred must be reported immediately to the facility Superintendent or Director who will make a thorough investigation and submit a report of his findings to the State Commissioner of Mental Health.


                                                           Hall Signature
                                                                 March 21, 1969


1.  Personnel are consistently aware of the Civil Rights policies of the Department of Mental

     (Determine by interview.)

2.  Personnel and patients are consistently aware of their right to file Civil Rights complaints with
     the Department of Health, Education and Welfare as well as the Department of Mental Health.

     (Determine by interview.)

3.  Civil Rights directives and posters are posted in conspicuous places.

     (Determine by observation.)

4.  Specialized patient services required from other institutions are provided only by hospitals or
     facilities in compliance under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    (Determine by interview and review of records.)

5.  Personnel treat or serve all patients:

a.   In the same manner.

b.   Without segregation.

c.   Without restrictions.

(Determine by observation and interview.)

6.  Employees are not segregated in any manner (buildings, offices, restroams, dining rooms,
     training facilities, etc.)

     (Determine by observation and interview.)

7.   Admissions or services are not denied to any person on the grounds of race, color, or national

      (Determine by observation, interview and review of records.)