Directions for Bryan Psychiatric Hospital

G. Werber Bryan Psychiatric Hospital
220 Faison Drive
Columbia, SC 29202
Phone: 803-935-7146

From Columbia, I-77: 

Exit onto Farrow Rd., Hwy 555, going toward Columbia. This is only a few miles from the hospital. As you travel, you will pass an intersection with traffic light at Research Park and Waffle House (if you would turn left here onto Parklane Rd. you'd go to Columbia Mall, restaurants and motels)--you continue straight, down Farrow Rd. You will pass Midlands Center on the left, then farmland. You will soon see an entrance marker announcing Morris Village and Bryan Psychiatric Hospital. Turn right, onto Faison Dr. (If you pass the small State Credit Union bank, you've missed the turn). As you travel down Faison Drive, you'll see a sandstone granary tower on your left. The entrance to Bryan Psychiatric Hospital is well-marked, the next right. 

From Columbia, I-20:

Exit onto Farrow Rd., Hwy. 555, going away from Columbia. You will almost immediately see on the left the fence and institutional buildings of what was once
Crafts-Farrow State Hospital. At the far boundary of this fence is a small credit union bank. Just
past that on the left is the entrance marker to Morris Village and Bryan Psychiatric Hospital. Turn
left onto Faison Drive. The road curves, and there is a sandstone granary tower on the left. The
next right is the well-marked entrance to Bryan. 

From I-26, Columbia 

From I-26, take 126, the connector to downtown.  In downtown Columbia, 126 becomes Elmwood Avenue which intersects Bull Street at the front gate of the former South Carolina State Hospital. Turn left from Elmwood onto Bull Street. You will pass several state agency headquarter buildings (including the South Carolina Department of Mental Health on the right at the traffic light). Continue straight down Bull. Bull becomes 277 (the connector to I-77). Travel several miles on 277.  Exit at the Parklane Road exit. Turn left and cross the bridge over 277. (Just for your information, if you'd turned right instead, you'd go to Columbia Mall). Travel on Parklane to the traffic light/intersection with Farrow Road (Waffle House on the right). Turn left onto Farrow. Pass Midlands Center and then farmland. Very soon you'll see on the right the entrance marker to Morris Village and Bryan Psychiatric Hospital. Turn right here onto Faison Drive. Faison curves; you'll see the sandstone granary tower on the left.  The well-marked entrance to Bryan is the next right.


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