Community Residential Care Facilities

DMH CRCF Memorandums and Directive of Agreement (MOA)


As part of its commitment to improve the quality of life for clients in CRCFs and ensuring that clients are provided an equal opportunity to live in the least restrictive setting with choice and dignity, in 1996 the Department developed and implemented a Memorandum of Agreement with CRCFs. The Memorandum of Agreement outlines the responsibilities of the community mental health center and the community residential care facilities in providing care and treatment to clients in CRCFs. As part of the MOA, the Department developed an "Individual Care Plan" for CRCFs to use when completing residents’ annual plans. The Department’s care plan form has been reviewed by the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Division of Health Licensing and the Department of Health and Human Services’ Integrated Personal Care Services and Optional Staff Supplement Programs..

The Department’s community mental health centers have signed Memorandums of Agreement with more than 100 CRCFs statewide.


In June 1996 the Department of Mental Health’s State Director signed the CRCF Directive. The CRCF Directive states, "The policy of the Department is to assist consumers in the state who have been or are being treated for mental illnesses to secure appropriate local housing. Consistent with the consumer’s wishes and physical, medical, social, emotional, and mental health needs the Department will recommend and assist consumers in securing admission only to a CRCF that has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with their local mental health center."

To assist clients, families and staff in locating a CRCF with a MOA, twice a year the Department issues a CRCF Directory. This directory provides a list of the CRCFs used by the Department’s clients. The CRCFs are listed by Center and contain each facility’s license number, address, telephone number, operator’s name, the number of licensed beds, MOA status and speciality populations and genders accepted.

In addition, each month the Department circulates an enforcement memo which summarizes the enforcement actions taken by the Department of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Board of Long Term Health Care Administrators.

The Department of Mental Health also maintains a CRCF database which includes a variety of information on each CRCF. The database also contains a list of all clients living in CRCFs.

Updated 9-13-13