Community Residential Care Facilities

Costs & Optional State Supplementation Program

As of July 1, 2013, the rate for a CRCF which accepts individuals who receive entitlements (e.g., SSI, SSDI) is $1,193 per month, with $61 given to the resident for personal needs allowance. Many individuals pay their room/board fee by using their monthly entitlement check(s) combined with Optional State Supplement (OSS) monies.

The Optional State Supplementation program is a state-funded program authorized by federal law through amendments to the Social Security Act. The program is administered by the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In South Carolina the OSS payment covers part of the cost for room and board in a licensed and participating CRCF.

The criterion utilized to determine who is eligible for OSS payment in South Carolina is:

  • A person must meet the state’s net income requirement.
  • A person must also meet the SSI categorical requirements (aged, blind or disabled).
  • A person must reside in a CRCF that is licensed by DHEC and listed as a participating facility with DHHS to receive OSS payments.

There are approximately 350CRCFs that have signed a participation agreement with DHHS to provide residential care services to recipients of OSS. To learn more about the OSS program visit DHHS's Web site at .

In July 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)  implemented the Optional Supplemental Care for Assisted Living Program (OSCAP).  The program's goal is to promote and sustain the health of residents in a licensed community residential care facility (CRCF). The services are necessary to improve the quality of life and prevent or delay premature institutionalization for residents who meet the medical criteria. OSCAP services can only be provided in a CRCF. The services can only be reimbursed to qualified Optional State Supplementation providers that contract with DHHS to provide personal care assistance for OSS residents authorized to receive the service.The services provided each participant are dependent upon the individual resident's needs as set forth in a service plan.  For additional information on this program contact DHHS, at 888-356-2197.

Updated 9-13-13