SCDMH Consumer Advisory Board
Quarterly Meeting

 Meeting Minutes

 September 18, 2003
10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Chapel of Hope



Consumer Affairs Coordinator

Advisory Board Member


Barbie Church

Marsha Pilecek



No representatives

Beckman Center




Esther Caison

Terry Turner, Catherine Dewey


Jessie Macon

No representatives


Position Unfilled

No representatives

Coastal Empire

Shirley Talbert

No representatives

Columbia Area

Cheryl Krumholtz

No representatives



No representatives

Lexington County

Position Unfilled

No representatives



No representatives

Pee Dee


No representatives

Piedmont Center

Kimberly Fuller

Sunnie Faith, JoAnn Kostis


Position Unfilled

Aisha Carley, Frank Carver


Jerry Davis

Emily Hollis, Elsie Clark



No representatives

Waccamaw Center


No representatives

Hall Institute

Sandy Bennett

No representatives


Katherine Roberts

No representatives


Vicki Cousins

No representatives

TOTAL:  19

CACs:  8  (50%) CCET: 1  OCA: 1 

Independent Advisors:  9

Agenda Items

1. Housekeeping:  Suggestions for Lunch-On-Your Own were distributed by Katherine Roberts at the start of the meeting.  All new participants were asked to fill out a publicity release form and to give it to Vicki Cousins before leaving today.  Copies of completed forms will be given to members at the December meeting.
2. Acceptance of Meeting Minutes from June 19, 2003 CAB Meeting:  A motion was made to accept the minutes from June 19, 2003 by Shirley Talbert; and seconded by Aisha Carley. There was no discussion.
3. Proposed - Draft 05 – Bylaws:  A motion was made to accept the proposed – Draft 05 – Bylaws by Marsha Pilecek; and seconded by Frank Carver.  Discussion was held to explain why the copies of the proposed bylaws distributed at the meeting were numbered Draft 06.  Minor changes had to be made in the nominating process section since members decided not to vote for a SCDMH CAB Honorary Chair at the June meeting.  The bylaws had originally said the chair would be elected in June.  Now the bylaws say that a chair will be elected annually.  Other minor changes (typos corrected, simple editing) were also made to the document in Draft 06.
4. Review of the cover letter to be distributed with the MHSIP surveys in October: Ms. Ellen Sparks, SCDMH Division of ETR, joined the meeting at Noon for about 45 minutes.  She asked for imput from the Board regarding a cover letter for the MHSIP survey and the upcoming MHSIP survey process using CCET members to be available via a toll free telephone line to help people fill out the survey. 

The Board made the following recommendations:  use a toll free number, remind the reader of the survey not to put their name or program name on the survey, add a deadline for response, and to spell out what MHSIP stands for

The participants also discussed with Ellen who they thought would be the most appropriate staff to distribute the surveys at their centers. They also described their own involvement with other surveying and evaluation activities at their centers. Katherine Roberts was pleased to hear that many of the CACs and Consumer Advisory Board members are presently involved with evaluation activities at their centers.  She hopes to discuss the idea of establishing regional CCET groups with interested sites in the future, so that the dream of using consumer evaluators to perform full-system surveying will be eventually realized.

5. Update on Peer Support Specialists Initiative:  Vicki Cousins reported that the Peer Support initiative is full-stream ahead.  Just yesterday she received confirmation that Piedmont Center would be moving forward with the memorandum of agreement (MOA) to hire a peer support specialist in time for the December certification training. Many other centers (A-O-P, Beckman, Catawba, Columbia Area, Berkeley, Charleston-Dorchester, Coastal Empire, Lexington County, and Santee-Wateree: 10 in total) appear to be giving serious consideration to the MOA, as evidenced by their requests for more information and upcoming meetings with Vicki.
6. Update on Consumer-run Business funding (RFP):  Vicki Cousins announced that a $50,000 Request for Proposals (RFP) to start or expand a consumer-run business would be issued by SCDMH in October.  In addition to the Center Directors, Vicki said she would send out the RFP directly to the Consumer Affairs Coordinators to help get it to primary consumers who have expressed interest in starting consumer-run businesses.
7. Nominations for Chair of the SCDMH Consumer Advisory Board: A motion was made and seconded to  vote in Ms. Joann Kostis, the nominee from the Piedmont Mental Health Center presented at the June meeting,  to serve as the Honorary Chair of the SCDMH Consumer Advisory Board.  Ms. Kostis was nominated for this position at the June CAB meeting by CAC Kimberly Fuller. Further discussion was held regarding the responsibilities of the Honorary Chair and why the position is labeled “Honorary.
8. Final SCDMH directive (policy) on the SCDMH Consumer Advisory Board:  The final directive which establishes a policy within SCDMH to support the establishment of the SCDMH Consumer Advisory Board was distributed.  Appreciation was expressed for Doug Cochran who created this document.  Discussion included the fact that the participants had reviewed its development at earlier meetings.
9. Awareness of the Art of Recovery Round V:  Ms. Sue Perry, SCDMH Office of Communications, attended the meeting to enlist the support of the SCDMH CAB members to help her get the word out to other consumers that the 5th Gallery Showing of the Art of Recovery would soon be held (see handout).
10. Additional Announcements:  Esther Caison and Vicki Cousins told the group about their trip to St. Louis last weekend to participate in the National Association of Consumer/Survivor Mental Health Administrator’s (NAC/SMHA) first technical assistance meeting for local Offices of Consumer Affairs headed by Consumer Affairs Coordinators.  Over 60 people attended.  Speakers included Dan Fisher of the National Empowerment Center, Kevin Huckshorn from NTAC/NASMHPD, Larry Belcher of Contac, and representatives from other national groups.  In the meeting’s Brag and Steal” portion of the 3 day meeting, Vicki and Esther presented information on the peer support initiative and distributed printed information about it. They also picked up a load of information from the other consumer innovators present.  Vicki hopes that NAC/SMHA will be able to host this meeting on annual basis so that more Consumer Affairs Coordinators have an opportunity to attend. 

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 3 p.m.

Handouts distributed at the meeting only:
  • Proposed Draft 05(06) Bylaws

  • Final Directive on SCDMH Consumer Advisory Board

  • Peer Support Specialist Memorandum of Agreement

  • FY03-04 Goals of the State Planning Council

  • SCDMH Annual Accountability Report

  • Information about Art of Recovery Round 5

  • Proposed MHSIP Cover Letter, MHSIP survey, and Family survey

  • Confidentiality releases for all new participants

  • Local Restaurant Suggestions for Lunch

  • Meeting Agenda