How to Use the Clinical Information Site

The Clinical Information website is organized into major subject areas. Click on the area of interest and you will be offered several specific topics. At this time, most of the topics are links to www sites. The links are briefly described, including strengths and weaknesses.

The links usually work well, but on occasion you will notice the "Back" button on your browser is not working. When this happens, the software may have opened a new window. To fix this, close the window as if you were exiting your browser. The previous window with the "Back" button enabled should reappear.

The editor(s) review each link and only include the most useful ones and ones of consistent high quality. For each link included, many more are reviewed and not included. Links are re-examined periodically to insure that the high quality is maintained. The goal is to make your job of finding relevant clinical information as easy as possible. If you have a favorite link, please let us know so we can review it for inclusion in this site.

*  Please be advised that the documents "Get The Facts On Mental Illness" (SCDMH Publications) may be reproduced freely and without charge.  For all other documents available from the "Clinical Information pages," permission for reproduction must be given by the author of each document; unless otherwise stated on the individual Websites.