General Clinical Information Sites


Agitation in Older Persons - Guide for Caregivers:
Information for families and mental health professionals.

General Medical/Psychiatric Information
Complete medical textbook (Merck Manual) online.  It includes general medical topics as well as a chapter on psychiatry.  

Mental Health Information
General mental health related site with information on a variety of psychiatric conditions. 

MHA Resource Page
Mental Health America is an advocacy organization for people with mental illness with resources and information.

National Library of Medicine
Useful for researching topics in medicine (including psychiatry). It contains the entire national library of medicine, including recently published articles. It does not contain full text of articles, only abstracts (which can be quite useful).

Quality of Information
Links to other sites that help user determine the quality of medical information.  From the introduction:  "You can find a lot of information on the Internet.  In general, that's good, but it does also leave you with the task of separating the wheat from the chaff.  Before you act on something you read -- even if you read it here :-) -- take a minute first to consider the quality of that information.  You probably already do that automatically to some extent, but the links below may also help."  

Social Security Disability Information:
Sponsored by the Social Security Administration.  The parent site ( has additional information about work and other programs that are relevant to people with psychiatric disabilities.  

Suicide Information
Sponsored by the American Association of Suicidology, this site contains information and statistics. 


Updated 9-19-13