South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Clinical Care Coordination

Every patient is given a comprehensive care assessment to identify medical, dental, housing, employment, education, behavioral, or other community support needs. Care coordinators, knowledgeable about local community's resources, link patients to those resources and monitors until successful completion.

Program goals:

  • Helping patients transition to the community from in-patient settings
  • Increasing accessibility to all services in the community

There are forty-eight (48) care coordinators: one or more located in each Community Mental Health Center (17 CMHCs statewide), eight satellite clinics, and 3 DMH hospitals, (G. Werber Bryan Psychiatric Hospital, Patrick B. Harris Hospital, and William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute).

  • 38 of the 48 care coordinators, the director, and four regional managers, have national certification from the University of Massachusetts' School of Medicine/ Primary & Behavioral Health Integration Center. DMH plans to have all its care coordinators nationally certified.
  • 15 of the 48 care coordinators have Master's degrees, 29 have Bachelor's degrees, and all are experienced in care coordination.


Updated 6/18/15