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Training on resiliency and recovery for clients, family, and staff

These online courses are offered thanks to a Statewide Consumer Network grant awarded to Advocacy Unlimited (AU) by SAMHSA. AU is please to make these online courses available to the mental health community and persons in recovery from mental health or co-occurring disorders. AU’ s online self-study courses are open to all visitors and offered at no cost. Courses include self-advocacy and systems change training modules as well as courses that are supplemental to AU's Recovery University, a training and certification program for Recovery Support Specialists, and AU's Advocacy Education Course, a long standing and highly effective advocacy training curriculum. You can take the online self-study courses at your own pace. Registration for these online self-study courses is not required. However, if you register, you will be able to take an online exam after you've completed a course. If you get a passing grade on the exam (70% or higher), you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This is available only to those who register. http://www.mindlink.org/ed_online_courses.html

Note: SCDMH CPSS Candidates should print & keep copies of their certificates of completion

Magellan has partnered with national behavioral health experts to offer a variety of informational and educational resources, including our new Peer Support Whole Health e-newsletter, e-courses and webinars. We offer all of these resources free of charge to providers (such as peer specialists, social workers, counselors, certified drug and alcohol counselors, and psychologists); consumers of mental health services; family members and other interested parties. Please feel free to share this information with others.
E-Courses Self-paced e-courses are free of charge and were developed in collaboration with recognized leaders to provide convenient, self-paced learning opportunities on a range of topics such as Recovery and Resiliency and Peer Support. Choose a skill level that fits your comfort level. The skill levels of the e-courses range from beginning to advanced, so there’s a learning level for everyone. Each e-course features a non-graded pre- and post-test to help participants focus on key points of the e-course.
Ready to start learning? Each e-course opens in a new window and before the e-course begins, you’ll be asked to complete a very brief survey. The first page of the e-courses provides an introduction, specific learning objectives and the process for obtaining continuing education credits (for the Peer Support e-courses only). Navigating your e-course is easy! Simply use the navigation “buttons" and left-menu headings. E-courses are ideal for individual study as well as group learning settings.

Continuing Training - Peer Support
You may obtain CE credits by taking any of the following four Peer Support e-courses. If you have questions about obtaining CE credits for these four courses, please read the CE credit requirements or e-mail CE@MagellanHealth.com for additional information.

  • Peer Support e-course 1: Peer Specialists 101: Research, Core Competencies and Ethics
  • Peer Support e-course 2: The Five Stages in Recovery and the role of Peer Specialists
  • Peer Support e-course 3: Using Your Recovery Story
  • Peer Support e-course 4: Effective Supervision of Peer Specialists
  • Professional Development

The following e-courses and webinar recordings are offered as a learning opportunity, in English and Spanish, to help increase your knowledge in specific topic areas. CE credits are not available for participating in these opportunities.

Recovery E-Courses

  • Recovery e-course 1: Recovery is Real
  • Recovery e-course 2: Self-determination Fuels Recovery
  • Recovery e-course 3: The Language of Recovery
  • Recovery e-course 4: Planning that Promotes Recovery
  • Recovery e-course 5: Let's Start Living Large
  • Recovery e-course 6: The Resiliency Factor

Resiliency E-courses

  • Resiliency e-course 1: Getting Past the Tough Stuff
  • Resiliency e-course 2: The Power of Resiliency
  • Resiliency e-course 3: Growing Your Resiliency
  • Resiliency e-course 4: Recapping Resiliency C


The Magellan/DBSA e-courses are unique in that they highlight the advantages of working with peer specialists for providers, consumers and families, in addition to those who supervise peer specialists," said Anne McCabe, senior vice president of Magellan's public sector behavioral health business unit. "To our knowledge, these are the only online courses that serve to educate a broad group about peers' role in mental health recovery."

* The e-courses are offered free of charge at www.MagellanHealth.com/training.
* There are four e-courses that aim to help participants better understand the peer specialist's role in helping others recover from mental illnesses:

  1. Research, Core Competencies and Ethics
  2. The Five Stages of Recovery and the Role of Peer Specialists
  3. Using your Recovery Story
  4. Effective Supervision of Peer Specialists

* The e-courses offer greater convenience than traditional on-site training programs, and each takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

* Each of the four new e-courses is tailored toward the beginner or intermediate skill level and offers providers in the Magellan network the opportunity to earn 1.0 Continuing Education (CE) credit hour. All other health care professionals who complete the new trainings will be issued a certificate of participation. Magellan is approved as a continuing education provider/sponsor by the American Psychological Association (APA (All Points Addressable) Refers to an array (bitmapped screen, matrix, etc.) in which all bits or cells can be individually manipulated. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Magellan+Health+Services+Offers+E-courses+for+Providers%2c+Consumers...-a0226820240