Vision: To develop a seamless, state-wide system of services for children and families, which is child centered, family focused, community based and culturally competent.
Children Holding Hands

It is our desire for every family in South Carolina to have an array of services available to them in their home communities or on regional basis, at the very least, and that child and adolescent mental health professionals utilize a "best practices approach" in caring for the children and families that we are privileged to serve.

We further endeavor to ensure that all families are equal partners in the decision-making processes that affect their children. It is our contention that familial participation is an essential component of treatment and recovery. To that end, the department seeks to make services accessible to families with respect to physical proximity, service delivery sites and overall program operational procedures.

The challenge is to dramatically alter the status quo... to get away from the one size fits all, 9 to 5, out-of-home placement mentality that has plagued the State’s child service delivery system for too long. This is a new day.

Our goal is to build a seamless service delivery system for the children and families of South Carolina. We are exploring new avenues for linking families with critically needed mental health services in the home, school and community settings. We have espoused a wraparound model of service delivery that is family centered and are forming partnerships with sister agencies to provide community based services such as Multi-Systemic Therapy, school based services, wrap services, etc. We have successfully operated two federally funded wraparound projects within our service delivery system and are now ready to move forward with the statewide expansion of this treatment philosophy.

The Division of Children, Adolescents and Their Families is committed to improving the system of care for children, adolescents, and families across the state. We will endeavor to achieve this goal by continuing to form partnerships with community partners, sister agencies, advocacy groups and families. With persistence, determination and the combined will of the many stakeholders, South Carolina will have a state-wide system of services for children and families, that is child centered, family focused, community based and culturally competent.

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