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October 28, 2004 the South Carolina Department of Mental Health announced the winners of Round VI of the Art of Recovery Project.  The Milestones  Program, Columbia Area Mental Health Center was the first place winner with their beautifully handcrafted quilt.

  First Place Award Winner  the Milestones Program, Columbia Area Mental Health Center


The project features artwork and handcrafted items by South Carolinians who receive care through SCDMH programs.  The artwork is displayed in the central administration building in downtown Columbia.  Visitors are encouraged to tour the gallery and see the mixed media exhibit. 

Second Place Award Winner L.C. Aazim, Orangeburg Mental Health Center



The colorful and beautiful pictures reflect the breadth of skill and range of experiences of the individuals who live with mental disorders.  Round VI features approximately 40 consumer artist statewide.


Third Place Award Winner Terry Howard, Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center

Many Art of Recovery pieces are for sale.  Call SC SHARE for information,
(803) 739-5712, or (800) 832-8032

The Art of Recovery is partly supported by the Aurora Foundation administrated by the Mental Health Association of South Carolina

Gallery Photography by Roberta McAlister

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