Wellness Starts With Confidence

Ms. Kimmerly leading the class on targeting and blocking. Pictured here are left to right, Jamie Sims, Mayra Pulles, Frank Bibbs, Daniel Robinson and Theresa bakerThe members of the Wellness Group from the Aiken Barnwell Mental Health Center attended a Personal Safety Seminar at Twin Dragons Martial Arts & Fitness on April 13th.  The focus of this ABMHC group is “A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind” and nothing could be more appropriate than martial arts. 

”The overall goal of the Wellness Group is to provide participants with a holistic and creative learning experience that can help members assess the need for change and learn ways to make changes in their overall health including mental, physical, lifestyle, spiritual, social and emotional health. The group experience also allows people to make positive connections with others including community resources and support systems.”  Tamara Smith, LMSW and Group Facilitator

"Supporting and encouraging clients of mental health to become active in community resources is a win-win situation. Clients are working hard to have a healthy physical and mental life in society. The staff at Twin Dragons was outstanding and offered clients ways to enhance self esteem and stay safe while having fun doing it.  My hat goes off to Twin Dragons for taking the time to give to the community. The staff was engaging, educational, patient and really worked well with the clients." -Cynthia Smith, CPSS

”During a recent Wellness activity outing, clients had the opportunity to visit and participate in self-defense exercises at Twin Dragons.  The community based resource is one of many areas we have accessed for our clients to utilize.  The staff at Twin Dragons was very helpful, patient and astute in helping our clients with the basic foundation of self-defense and very patient in answering their questions.  Our clients were alert & motivated by the compassion and support provided by the staff.  We would like to thank the Twin Dragons staff for their time, compassion, and flexibility.  It was a life changing experience for them.” Debra Sidberry, CC

The Twin Dragons’ training included situational awareness, setting boundaries and control mechanisms using breathing and vocal techniques.  Clients also participated in physical self defense training to improve balance and build self confidence. 

“Empowering people is the best part of my work.  Everyone has the right to feel safe and live a happy, healthy life.  The more we all work together, the better our community will be.  This is what we teach our students and demonstrate through our community service group called the Dragon Crew.  I look forward to working with ABMHC on a regular basis and thank Ms. Smith and Ms. Sidberry for bringing their clients to our facility.  -Cassandra Kimmerly Twin Dragons Program Director/Instructor

Ms. Smith and Ms. Sidberry taking part in the training. Mayra Pulles and Jamie Sims working with Ms. Miller on blocking techniques.


April 13, 2011