Every year, juveniles at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice work in DJJ's youth industries program and in after-school clubs to build adirondack chairs.

Boys and girls who've never picked up a tool in their lives work alongside caring volunteers learning woodworking skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.




At the South Carolina
Department of Juvenile Justice,
our kids are building chairs


DJJ juveniles building chairs





         BARJ Chair



More About the BARJ Chair Program

Balanced and Restorative
Justice Fact Sheet

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But these kids aren't just learning woodworking, they're also making amends to their victims and helping to build a future for themselves and their communities.

A portion of the money made from the sale of these chairs goes into DJJ's victim restitution program. A portion also helps to pay for testing costs for students pursuing their General Equivalency Degree (GED). And excess chairs are donated to organizations like the South Carolina Victim Assistance Network and Habitat for Humanity.

At DJJ our kids are making
chairs, making a future, and
making amends.





Purchasing a DJJ Chair

DJJ adirondack chairs may be 
purchased for $125. Adirondack footstools and tables are also available for $25 and $50 respectively (or buy a whole set for $185).

All DJJ furniture and crafts are hand-crafted and signed by juveniles at DJJ's Broad River Road Complex. They are built with quality treated lumber and coated with
a clear polyurethane finish.

Customized juvenile artwork is also available.

For orders, please contact Jan Farrell, DJJ Division of Educational Services at (803) 896-9763 or via email at jffarr@scdjj.net.