Our mission is to provide the divisions and offices of the Department of Administration with information and analyses that will assist in their decision making processes and to provide them with accounting, budgeting, human resource, mail and procurement services in a manner that is economical, effective and allows our customers to concentrate their resources on their mission.


Quality Customer Services and Products
We consistently provide outstanding products and excellent customer services, as defined by our customers, and we strive for continuous improvement.

We are receptive to and flexible with the changing environment and the evolving world of technology. We welcome challenges, embrace innovation, and encourage creativity.

We strive to lead government through strategic and visionary approaches that are proactive, fair and ethical.

We perform our work with honesty, integrity, and loyalty. We are committed to performance that is credible, thorough, competent, and worthy of customer confidence.

Employee Well-Being
We respect the individual contributions of each employee and endeavor to empower them with the needed resources for teamwork, shared pride, and continuous learning.