Human Resources
  [new]HR Function List
  Bonus Request
  Coaching/Informal Counseling Form
  Exec Comp PD
  Family & Medical Leave Act FAQs
  Hiring Manager Checklist
  [new]Overtime Request
  Job Posting Addendum
  New Hire Justification
  [new]Supervisory EPMS/PD Form
  [new]Non-Supervisory EPMS/PD Form
  [new]EPMS Performance Characteristics
  [new]Short-Year Appraisal Form
  [new]EPMS Weighted Calculation Form
  [new]Time Limited_Temporary Grant_TERI Rehire_Retired Employee Performance Feedback Form
  Policies & Procedures Manual Acknowledgement
  [new]Previous State Service Verification
  Recruitment/Selection Checklist
  [new]Reference Check
  [new]Request for Flex Schedule
  Temporary Grant Acknowledgement
  Temporary Waiver
  Time-Limited Acknowledgement
  Emergency Contact
  [new]Outside Employment
  Telecommuting Agreement
  Telecommuting Application
  Telecommuting Safety Checklist
  Universal Name/Address Change
  Retirement System*

 [new]Budget Transfer Request
 [new]Funds Reservation Request
 [new]FTE Source of Funding Change
  [new]PO Terms and Conditions
  Drug Free Workplace Affidavit
  Emergency Justification and Authorization
  Procurement Request Form
  [new]Purchasing Card Limit Increase Request
  [new]Purchasing Card Lost Receipt Affidavit
  [new]Purchasing Card Request and Authorization
  [new]Purchasing Card Transaction Dispute
  [new]Purchasing Card user Only Form
  [new]Purchasing Cardholder Activity Certification
  [new]Sole Source Justification and Authorization
  [new]Vendor Quote
  [new]Annual Blanket Travel Request
  Annual Blanket Travel Request-Example
  [new]AR Adjustment Form
  [new]Blank Authorized Approvals for Financial

  [new]Billing/Invoice Transmittal
  [new]Cash Transmittal
  [new]Conference/Training Request
  Enrollment for Electronic Vendor Payment*
  [new]Federal Grants Justification Approval Form
  [new]Journal Entry Request Template
  Official Travel Cash Advance
  [new]Request for Return of Checks
  Travel Certification by Agency
  Travel Certification by Employee
  Travel Checklist
  Travel Guidelines and Regulations
  Travel Reimbursement Exceeding
  20162016 Travel Support Document
  [new]2017 Travel Support Document
  [new]Interoffice Mail Procedures
  [new]Capital Asset Addition
  [new]Capital Asset Disposal
  [new]Capital Asset Transfer
  Policy Development and Distribution Flowchart
  Policy Numbering System
  Policy Document Format
  Procedure Document Format
  Procedure Document Format Reference Guide
  AD-001A Policy Review Request
  AD-001B Policy Development Team Charter
  AD-002A Request to Eliminate, Revise or
   Develop a Form

  AD-002B Checklist for Developing a New Form
  AD-002C Routing Slip
  Business Process AD-002 Forms

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