Human Resources
  [new]HR Function List
  Bonus Request
  Coaching/Informal Counseling Form
  Exec Comp PD
  Family & Medical Leave Act FAQs
  Hiring Manager Checklist
  [new]Overtime Request
  Job Posting Addendum
  New Hire Justification
  [new]Supervisory EPMS/PD Form
  [new]Non-Supervisory EPMS/PD Form
  [new]EPMS Performance Characteristics
  [new]Short-Year Appraisal Form
  [new]EPMS Weighted Calculation Form
  [new]Time Limited_Temporary Grant_TERI Rehire_Retired Employee Performance Feedback Form
  Policies & Procedures Manual Acknowledgement
  [new]Previous State Service Verification
  Recruitment/Selection Checklist
  [new]Reference Check
  [new]Request for Flex Schedule
  Temporary Grant Acknowledgement
  Temporary Waiver
  Time-Limited Acknowledgement
  Emergency Contact
  [new]Outside Employment
  Telecommuting Agreement
  Telecommuting Application
  Telecommuting Safety Checklist
  Universal Name/Address Change
  Retirement System*

 [new]Budget Transfer Request
 [new]Funds Reservation Request
 [new]FTE Source of Funding Change
  [new]PO Terms and Conditions
  Drug Free Workplace Affidavit
  Emergency Justification and Authorization
  Procurement Request Form
  [new]Purchasing Card Limit Increase Request
  [new]Purchasing Card Lost Receipt Affidavit
  [new]Purchasing Card Request and Authorization
  [new]Purchasing Card Transaction Dispute
  [new]Purchasing Card user Only Form
  [new]Purchasing Cardholder Activity Certification
  [new]Sole Source Justification and Authorization
  [new]Vendor Quote
  [new]Annual Blanket Travel Request
  Annual Blanket Travel Request-Example
  [new]AR Adjustment Form
  [new]Blank Authorized Approvals for Financial

  [new]Billing/Invoice Transmittal
  [new]Cash Transmittal
  [new]Conference/Training Request
  Enrollment for Electronic Vendor Payment*
  [new]Federal Grants Justification Approval Form
  [new]Journal Entry Request Template
  Official Travel Cash Advance
  [new]Request for Return of Checks
  Travel Certification by Agency
  Travel Certification by Employee
  Travel Checklist
  Travel Guidelines and Regulations
  Travel Reimbursement Exceeding
  20162016 Travel Support Document
  [new]2017 Travel Support Document
  [new]Interoffice Mail Procedures
  [new]Capital Asset Addition
  [new]Capital Asset Disposal
  [new]Capital Asset Transfer
  Policy Development and Distribution Flowchart
  Policy Numbering System
  Policy Document Format
  Procedure Document Format
  Procedure Document Format Reference Guide
  Policy Review Request
  Policy Development Team Charter
  Request to Eliminate, Revise or Develop a Form
  Checklist for Developing a New Form
  Routing Slip
  Business Process AD-002 Forms

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