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South Carolina Native American Affairs
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Photo: USC-Lancaster, 2008

Welcome the Native American Affairs section of our website. Since 2003 our commission has been committed to strengthening the relationship between South Carolina's Native American Indian communities and government. The Commission is charged with the mission of serving as the liaison between South Carolina’s Native American population and the South Carolina State government as well as local and federal government agencies. The Commission carries out its duties under Chapter 31, Title 1 of the SC Code of Laws of 1976, Section 1-31-40(A)(6)(10) and Chapter 139, Article 1 of the Code of Regulations which include but are not limited to the following:
  •  Influencing public policy and state services
  •  Maintaining an advisory committee
  •  Development and implementation of statistical data
  •  Addressing the needs of the population
  •  State Recognition
Please visit the rest of our website to learn more about our Native American Communities, vital initiatives and the Commission’s work in Native American Affairs. Contact us at anytime if you have questions, comments, need additional information or would like to be included on our email distribution list. You may reach the Native American Affairs Coordinator, Marcy L. Hayden, at (803) 333-9621 or email at

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