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Values Statement

Our statement of values represents our guiding principles or the things about which we
care most as a community. Our intent is to demonstrate these beliefs in all of our
interactions with others. The actions of the African American community is guided by
the following values:
  • We value the African American family as the center of love, learning, and spirituality.
  • We value educational excellence as fundamental to a productive and rewarding life.
  • We value existing community assets, and the need for skills and resources to build, maintain, and promote community/economic development.
  • We value the importance of acquiring skills, education, and training to obtain higher paying jobs that will improve per capita income.
  • We value income and wealth as a means to self-sufficiency and empowerment.
  • We value investing in our communities through the creation and growth of profitable businesses.
  • We value optimal health for every African American and care that is accessible, affordable, appropriate, and culturally acceptable.
  • We value law and order, and the administration of a just and equitable criminal justice system.

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