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Strategic Plan

Focus Areas 2009-2013

In order to fulfill the Mission of the Agency and increase prosperity in the African American community, the African American Advisory Committee encourages public-private partnerships that support both long-term social and economic success for all African Americans.

  • Rebuilding Strong Families
  • Education
  • Health Status and Care
  • Criminal Justice
  • Community/Economic Development
  • Jobs -Unemployment/Underemployment
  • Income and Wealth Creation
  • Minority Business/Venture Capital
Program Areas


Encouraging strong, supportive
African American familial and community relationships guided by love, learning, spirituality, and mutual respect for one another.


Promoting educational excellence as fundamental to a productive and rewarding life.

Community/Economic Development:

Strengthening the capacity of existing community assets, responding to the need for skills and resources to build, maintain, and promote development.


Obtaining the level of education and training necessary to obtain jobs that provide a living wage and acquiring the advanced skills and professional development that will lead to upward mobility.


Securing capital and assets that lead
to financial empowerment.


Promoting preventative health care and screenings; ensuring quality care that is accessible and affordable, for every African American.


Investing in our communities through
the creation and growth of commerce, trade, and industry.


Participating in a just and equitable judiciary system.

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