Subject Staff Member Telephone E-Mail Address

Accounts Payable

Linda McCarty

Cash and Investments Susan Smith 734-2603
Claims Chris Huffman 734-2604
College/University Closing Package Chris Huffman 734-2604
Compensated Absences Jean Pinckney 734-2624
Fixed Assets Linda McCarty 734-2621
Grant/Entitlement Disallowances KatherineEtheredge 734-2617
Grant/Entitlement Revenues KatherineEtheredge 734-2617
Interfund Transactions Linda McCarty 734-2621
Inventory Susan Smith 734-2603
Litigation Barbara Hevener 734-2620
Loan Receivables David Seigler 734-2615
Master Closing Package Susan Smith 734-2603
Miscellaneous Loss Liabilities and Loss Contingenies Chris Huffman 734-2604
Refund Receivables Susan Smith 734-2603
Miscellaneous Revenues Susan Smith 734-2603
Operating Leases Katherine Etheredge 734-2617
Operating Leases--Lessor Katherine Etheredge 734-2617
Other GAAP and Closing Package Issues Barbara Hevener 734-2620
Tax Revenues David Seigler 734-2615

State Treasurer's Office Closing Packages:
Cash and Investments Dave Cobb 734-2622