STARS Agency On-line Inquiry

The STARS Agency On-line Inquiry System has been designed by the Comptroller General's Office to allow state agencies access to the STARS financial data files. Requests for this access must be made in writing to the Central State Finance Division. Security measures have been taken to ensure that agencies only have access to those records which pertain to the inquiring agency.

STARS financial files include transaction files, master files and control files. Transaction files include separate records for each detailed record whereas master files contain summarized records to which individual transaction records post. Control files are used to edit transaction data prior to posting.

The transaction files available for inquiry are:

  1. History File

    This file contains all transactions successfully posted to STARS during the current and prior fiscal months.

  2. Error File

    This is a file of transactions that have entered the system but have been found to be in error. It is used to hold and correct these errors for processing.

The master files available for inquiry are:

  1. Appropriation File

    This file is used to control and report financial activity at the levels appropriated by the General Assembly. There are two levels of inquiry against this file; one by object